The greatest american car that never was...

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  1. The CERV III

    Twin-Turbo LT-5
    All wheel steering

    GM really dropped the ball by not producing this.
  2. that was one of the most advanced vette prototypes but also one of the nicest.
  3. Damn, and I thought this was a thread about the Tucker or the Edsel or something
  4. Some one on here posted pictures of it when GM brought it to their school and burned out in the parking lot.
  5. Modernize it a bit, drop in a Twin-turbo LS7, and give us a Supervette.
  6. That was me. They were taken by a friend of mine back in 2001. It wasn't brought to the school though. GM had a bunch of their cars at a car show near the school. A group of us went to the show and told the guy who takes care of them where we went to school. He invited us back to see him take the cars out the next day and he put on a show for us inside on the un-iced hockey rink and outside even moreson in the parking lot. I'd post them again, but they are on a different computer that isn't hooked up now.
  7. i think the mako shark 2 was better
  8. There are so many great GM concepts that never got to production, I really like the AeroVette too.
  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
  10. Do you consider the ME-4-12 American? Well if it goes into production never mind, but if it does not I would hand it to the 4-12.
  11. the mako shark 2 would lift its front up at 80 mph
  12. Mako Shark II
  13. indeed
  14. also the;

    Chrysler Atlantic
    Chrysler Cronos
    Cadillac Cien
    Buick Blackhawk
  15. The only company in the world (besides super/limited car company) that produce awesome/super ugly/cool concept looking cars is DC
  16. I didn't ask for your opinions. I'm stating hard facts here.
  17. You got your "facts" wrong.
  18. That fact is? GM never made it and never will produce it. DC on the other hand is making pretty much all of there Concept cars down to how the concept looked like.
  19. so how did the CERV III sound.
  20. Like a muffled turbocharged V8. I was pretty disappointed by the sound actually. I expected more from it.
  21. Hence my big-time love/hate affair with GM. When they want to, they can really do it, but they don't care most of the time.
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