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  1. Now what is better than the Blitz r348 Skyline. it has so much style, it has power, it has great handling. I Love This Car. Much better then all those american shit heaps, corvette's, dodge and camero(THE WORST).
    I think the rest of the world should learn to build like japanese car company's. <!-- Signature -->
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    This is a great car, but comparing it to camaros, vipers, and covettes is unfair. will smoke those cars when they are stock and this car is as HIGHLY modified as any car will get. This is an extremely expensive car also. Compare this to cars in the same price/modification level and it no longer dominates as much. <!-- Signature -->
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    hmm, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's the best car ever, but it is a fantastic car.
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    wel u wud b an arsehole if u didnt...nah only joking u probably like a tranz am or somat..this is one of the best in the world. def top 5
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    i like japanese machinery a great deal, but there is a great deal number more european cars that i would prefer over this. actually there's even a japanese car i'd take over this. a silvia powered by a skyline engine.
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    there are better cars
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    the skyline is one heavy and big car. though capable of huge power gains and good handling, i think they should reduce the bulk, aero drag and use a well set up rwd instead. for this reason teh following japanese cars i would prefer over the skyline

    silvia powered by rb26dett motor
    SP engineering rx7 (rx7 w/ supra engine)
    rx7.. tuned of course
    tuned nsx
    tommy kaira zz-ii (look for this in the upcoming lemans)

    and number of european cars (i can't really name because there are too many)
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    its good but euro and american cars are better look at ferrari enzo, bugatti 16\4 veyron and the saleen s7 those cars would give that skyline more than a run for its money and dont forget lamborghini muricelago or mclaren f1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    totally different cars. dont compare them.
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    I Found some more info on the Blitz this car is soooo sweet!!
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    if its so good then why can it be outrun by a 160,000$ viper
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    Making a Blitz wouldn't be that insanely expensive... One has to realize all the parts required to make a Blitz could be practically ordered on a brochure. I'm guessing that It would cost about 150-250k or so. A normal Skyline costs like 50k, modding it to this level would cost about anywhere from 100-200k. But all in all, this car is so insanely worth the cost, considering it's speed and power.
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    sport compact car tested a skyline recently with 509 horsepower. it is almost near stock. the modifications include

    Nismo rechipping
    larger turbo
    750 cc injectors
    HKS boost controller/ torque biasing (allows it to run rwd and staatically fix its torque)
    OS Giken five speed (longer first gear)
    double plate clutch

    it does not cost 100k to modify a skyline. if your ONLY interested in going fast and pursue the cheapest route to making giant power. you can make up to about 700 horsepower with a large turbo, large intercooler, and large fuel delivery. it comes down to a few key boltons. the reason why if you look at skylines and they're expensive is because a) motorex hikes up the price b) most people modify other htings than just speed. (case in point the extras on the hennessey viper heat shield body kit and cosmetics cost an extra 50 grand)

    this car ran the quarter mile in 11.66 on street tires. its a r33. mighty fast for a car that was dynoed at 509 hp on a awd chassis dyno.

    your 160,000 dollar viper (hennessey viper im assuming) is unable to put power down to the gorund without drag slicks.
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    i dont like your, you seem like someone on their kindegarden computer right now. Skyline arnt ever compard to S7s or Enzos dumbass.
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    the guy that made this forum compared them to american and european cars just as i did so i just named a few cars that are american and european that could kick this things ass if those cars were to be as heavily modified as this ,a stock bugatti 16-4/veyron could kill this im just pointing out the fact this guy is stupid and doesnt know what his talking about
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    its his right to think that this is the greatest car. after all those cars are extremly exclusive and the skyline remains to be one ofh te best car buys in terms of overall performance/price/daily driving type car. depends on how you define a 'dream car'.
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    all iwn to know i why doesnt anyone acept the fat that low end torque wins races? and thats somethng that these cars lack....oh well
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    if this guy thinks its the best why not
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    Bugatti 16/4 Veyron beats everything!!! Long live the 16/4 Veyron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is still a great car
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    961 nm @ 7500 rpm.....
    Not good enough for you?
    At 3000rpm I'm pretty sure this particular skyline would have more torque than most if not all LS6 powered Chevrolets would at peek.
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    Hahah, i would blow awawy a few Murcielago's and Ferrari's.
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    this car is ok. but that was just stupid to say pretty much stock and then list about 10-15 upgrades in the engine alone. especially since it made nearly twice the power. i see nothing wrong with comparing this to an s7 or bugatti. there all exclusive, fast, and what not. although i don't really like this car much. i would take a murcielago all day long. the sound of a lamborghini is insane. most 5in mufflers sound the same. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    i can name ten from the top of my head

    1 R390 GT1
    2 McLaren F1
    3 Carrera GT
    4 CLK GTR roadster
    5 CLK GTR supersport
    6 Enzo
    7 F40
    8 XJ220
    9 Murcielago
    10 S7

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