The greatest engine of all time...?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aaron1978, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. For the most part, I'd agree. But the Lambo V12's noise is the noise we all make when we pretend to drive as kids. It's beautiful.
  2. I know that but i go of what would be better overall and you cant judge that over a drag race. V8s have never beatin V12s at handling except the vette.
  3. Other great engine is the V16 that smoke every V8 on earth.
  4. WOW whether an engine is a V8 or V12 has no correlation watsoever with better handling cars, actually the V8 being shorter in most cases will help the handling of a car more than a V12.
  5. Ya and how much does the Mclaren F1 cost?????? Thank You and Shut up!

    over 10 times more than The ZL1, and the ZL1 still sounds better

    Listen Guys the best sounding motor is the Purr of a V8!!!!!!!

    When did I say it was horrible? maybe u should check my posts, in fact I compliment the v12... BUT! I said the ZL1 v8 has more HP, Torque, etccc... and it does right?? Am I lying? compare them!!

    WOW Mclaren beating Lemans in the first year!!! OMG!! what should I do about it! Thats why Ford GT won Lemans against Ferrari 3 years in a row and all 1st,2nd,3rd place!

    your saying the ZL1 cant beat lemans in the first year if it tried? ........ How the hell do u know! Did it ever try?? I bet it actually would do well, Except how much gas it eats!

    and For Price I would so rather Get the Ford GT over a Mclaren F1

    If the Mclaren was free, obviously I would get that because its worth so much!
  6. Depenands on the engine setup to.
  7. Because you're gonna get owned pretty badly.

    The Veyron isn't in production yet.
  8. because that statement really deserved it
  9. Well your right but the Veyron maynot be a production car yet but an F16 fighter jet has a V16 engine in it.
  10. No, it has a jet engine.
  11. OK that really does it you should really shut up now, notice how you say Fighter "JET" and say it has a V16 in it lol. hahaha
  12. Im proving your point, so that you will be satisfied with your irrelevent remark
  13. Well it does have a V16 cylinder engine and yes it jet!. But the point is its beat out all V8 but the hell does a F16 have to do with this topic? lol!~~~~~
  14. you say an F16 has a V16? no it has a turbojet turbine engine, no cylinder see...
  15. The engines Ive never heard ( sound wise) are W12, V16, W16 and thats about it, Keep in mind this thread doesnt only talk about what engines are better, performance wise, but in every aspect, and Im surprised no one has said the skyline engine as one of their favorites.... I guess the skyline craze is over, personally I would get a chevy small block over that inline 6, but the only 6 cyliners i like are N 14s and Buick 3.8 liter
  16. I know about the Turbo Jet but also has a V16 engine. Thats why they haul so much ass.
  17. The F16 has the derivative of the LM2500 GTE. While it is an internal combustion engine, it has no relation to a Piston Engine, V, I or otherwise.
  18. Dam! i was hoping GNX would read this!
  19. ??? read what???

    Whats the max HP a skyline engine has been able to output!?

    I know of Buick 3.8 liters that have been able to output over 1600 HP!
  20. Miyth or legend( Most street racers) say a Skyline can produce over 1700hp
  21. Hey man howabout those bucs today?
  22. at that point, is there anything still stock in the engine ?
  23. I bet there isnt.

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