The greatest engine of all time...?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aaron1978, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. I bet there isnt.
  2. You know what? Ive never looked into that, I think its only stock block! Then again if the skyline produced over 1700 HP? I believe that would also be stock block
  3. Well THE ZL1 572, which I was talking about all along is 770 HP, the one in Jegs for 13 grand is 730 HP!, SO No the v8 will tear up the v12, sorry!
  4. They sell it though! Its cheap, and Its a beast, That all that matters, I can Build it for a fraction of the Lambo, and Be way faster, and Like I said, we are talking about Peoples opinions of The greatest engine of all time, I can say a Volkswagon Bug engine 1800, and U cant argue, because It clearly states in the post that in your opinion what is the greatest(not fastest or longest lasting, etc), but greatest engine of all time

    and still, Im telling you, To u the Lambo V12 may be the greatest, but for me the 572 is better, But one thing u cant argue is that the 572 makes more torque and HP than the v12, and thats what I said the first time I used that argument, til this one and if u guys contine, many more arguments!

    I just love the american Pushrod V8s!
  5. People need to not make threads like this.
  6. well I dont know, but Im pretty sure the 572 Ci ZL1 has been mass produced and been used in Cars
  7. Im lazy at the moment, well Its 11 47 here and sunday night, Ill do this research tomorrow after 4 o clock Monday afernoon!
  8. it was used in 1 car
    the 572 they sell us has been changed

    and is pretty weak next to the Hemi 572 that's been available for years

  9. I would also like to add the Mercedes diesel. THE absolute most bulletproof reliable motor ever made. My aunt's has over 450,000 miles on it with no major issues. They are the reason nearly every cab you see in 3rd world countries is a diesel Mercedes.

    As for sound, I have never heard a V8 sound better than the best V12s, flat (Porsche) and straight (TVR) sixes. But that is totally IMO...
  10. well Diesels(at least cummins semi diesels) last on average a million miles, but Diesels also cost more!
  11. Maybe the diesel variants of US Trucks cost more, but the diesel-engined cars available in every other part of the world are usually less expensive than the top-engined petrol models.

    I expect diesels to be making a serious comeback in the US in the next few years, if we can get our oil industry to start refining low-sulfur diesel. Over half of the cars sold new in Europe are diesels, and in some cars are the fastest engines available. (Evo reccomends the diesel over the petrol version in some BMWs and Mercedes for instance). Even now, why buy a Prius when you can get just about the same fuel economy out of a diesel VW, and a ton of torque to boot!?!
  12. No matter what, Diesel engines cost more than gasoline engines, because thgey have to be made way stronger than gas engines, BEcause of very high compression, the lowest being 16:1....The parts have to be made very durable, and the engines cost almost twice as much as gasoline engines. For semis the average Diesel engine costs from 25-50 thousand dollars(just the engine), then u need a transmission, radiator, driveshaft, diffrential, brake system, etc...
  13. I can't believe I sat here and read all of that. I feel a little out of place doing this, but I'm actually going to state an opinion - the 426 Hemi.

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