The Greatest Lie ever Part 1+Part 2

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  1. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    So I get a call from a buddy of mine, and ill start the story from that point.

    Basically, I was sposed to go out with him and a few other guys on Friday night, but i was too tired and i had to work the next day, so i gave it a miss. The guys ended up deciding to pretend they were from the band simple plan, and started talking to all the girls they could with Canadian accents. Finally they met this group of girls who turned out to be Ballarinas from the Royal Australian Ballet. After a few drinks and a fair amount of bullshit, they ended up heading down to the Yarra with the girls (the main river in town.) At this point there where 3 girls and 3 guys. One of the guys decided to leave (we reckon he has to be gay.) And a couple of minutes after he left the girls suggested my friends go back to their place for a few 'drinks.'
    Never ones to look a gift horse down, my lieing friends went back to the girls house. When they got there, they both hooked up with one girl each, the other girl (the only one with a boyfriend) left the room, and things started getting hot and heavy. They both started having sex with the girls, and about halfway through, all of a sudden, the girls decided to swap partners. So my friends had now f*cked 2 girls in one evening. After much copulation, all of a sudden the girl with the boyfriend (who also happened to be the hottest) appeared at the door and said 'what about me.'

    My friends then proceded to spit roast the hot girl who had a boyfriend in front of her friends, then, wait for it, GAVE EACH OTHER A HIGH FIVE, while she was getting it from both ends.

    They left after this, with the girls still thinking that they had just had group sex with a bunch of (albeit crappy) rockstars. Keep in mind that these girls are all ballerinas in the National ballet, and all have Ballerina bodies. The story will continue with part 2 later. But for now, you have been presented with the greatest lie in the history of mankind, to actually work.
  2. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    i believe that story was a lie
  3. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    that's too cool to be true
  4. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    nope, its true, the verification comes in part 2. Trust me, i didnt believe it at first either, cos it was far too cool to be true, but it is 100% verified.
  5. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    i will need a pictures of all the situations.
  6. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    They must have been pretty drunk, or just stupid.

    Did they say "eh" a lot?
  7. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Ballerina bodies are twig like and anorexic, with no mammories in sight, true story or not, your friends fail.
  8. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    yes im sure you have lots of nights were you have had sex with 3 women
  9. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Say I had, and I said I had on an internet forum, noone would believe me anyway, so I would keep my mouth/keyboard shut.
  10. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    but its cool to brag about your friends who said they did
  11. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    yeah, but you havent.

    These guys lived the rockstar life for 1 night (well 1.5 nights, more on that later)
  12. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    You know I haven't or you assume I haven't?

    Now you see, your words mean nothing, your friends are lieing about a lie.
  13. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    yeah im sure the girls where lieing too when i met them the next night.

    I dont need to assume, a tool like you is only going to ever have sex with 3 women if he pays for it, and a tool like you certainly cant afford 3 hookers at once.
  14. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Again you assume, you haven't met me, or any of my former girlfriends/one nighters, so you will never know.
    Carry on proving your idiocy, it's amusing.
  15. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    They had some Ballerinas from Royal Australian Ballet in Ralph or FHM a year or two ago. They were pretty fit looking birds (except there feet look all dirty and shit from calluses and the like, so they didn't have shots with their feet featuring prominently)
  16. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    And what happend in part two?
  17. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    I heard ballerinas can keep their balance when they stand with tip toes on an erection.
  18. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Supposing this is true, ballerinas are skinny flat chested #$%#s. End of story.
  19. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    The greatest lie ever was when you said Australia was good at anything.
  20. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Part 2:

    The next night, I got a call from my buddies who were again with these girls, who still thought they were members of Simple Plan. I was told to come to the girls apartment, on the condition that my name was J F from simple plan, and i used a Canadian accent. So i went, and while on the phone to my mate on the way there, I told him that the girls would have been stupid not to at least look up Simple Plan on the internet. I turned up, and not only were the original 3 there, but they had invited 10 of their Ballerina friends to meet the members of Simple Plan. The one they spit roasted (the chick with the boyfriend) was stupidly hot, and the other two they boned were tight, and alright. My friends then preceded to talk in their fake Canadian accents, and point out which girls they did what to last night, in full earshot of the girls, who loved it. I thought it was all going along for a nice orgy, until one of the other new girls turned up with a Simple Plan CD, which happened to have photos of the entire band on the back of it, of which we all looked nothing like. It was an awkward situation at best, and my other buddy had to lie and tell the girls that it was taken a few years ago, and we all looked a little differant. This certainly raised suspisions amongst most of the girls, and then one said she had to get her keys from her place. She left and along with her went 6 or 7 other girls. I told my friends she was probably checking the internet in her apartment (next door) and we should probably leave. But the girls while acting wierd, kept trying to make us stay in the apartment. It was on the 2nd story and had one entry. I thought this was very odd, as it was obvious we had been busted. I suggested we make a quick exit, so i got a friend to call me and pretended he was our manager, and we had to leave.
    We went down the road for a beer, and on the way back to my car we walked past the apartment. Outside were the 10 girls and the reason they were trying to keep us in the 1 exit apartment. They were chatting with 2 carloads of lebanese thugs, who for all intents and purposes were clearly there to enact revenge on 2 pretend members of simple plan. 3 against 10 isnt good odds in my book, so we had to stop in out tracks and stand behind a bus stop in the hope that the girls (who were about 15 metres away, across the road,) didnt point us out if they saw us. One of my friends recieved a text message from one of teh girls (we assume it was one of the girls, because he hadnt seen the number before) telling us to come back to the apartment now for some 'action'. The girls then proceded to leave via taxi, while the lebos in teh cars sat and waited out the front of the apartment. After teh girls had left, we made our way the hell out of there.

    So in short, my friends had an orgy under false pretences; In the hope of a repeat performance, I almost got the crap beaten out of me (at a minimum) for something two of my friends did. (Of course they were going to get the crap beaten out of them two, but then they did deserve it in a way)
  21. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    rotfl.. lebanese thugs
  22. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    Good story, true or not
  23. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    at first glance i coulda sworn i read "lesbian thugs"
  24. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    If you pull off a lie that blatant one night, you sure as #$%# don't go back for seconds the following night. That's just asking for it.
  25. The Greatest Lie ever Part 1.

    no shit, but if there was the slightest chance of group sex with multiple women, you have to take it.

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