The GTA: San Andreas Confirmation List.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GT40LM, Oct 19, 2004.

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  2. #$%# it is coming out on the 26th
  3. Custom cars? It seems to me that this game is much more oriented on conservation of yourself than the older ones. Sweet, I guess from now on I won't be stealing a new car every 15 seconds! It is way more amazing than I initially thought. Rockstar seems to have made a real gem, how can I wait a week???
  4. The customizing of cars does not only apply to r!cing out imports. It also focuses on the lowriders of the early 90's.
  5. Lol, I know that, I didn't know that existed. Whenever I played the other GTA's, I would always just steal whatever I wanted and only cars I kept were the special ones (armoured swat vans, the FBI rancher, etc) that were only useful at certain times. Now with the RPG element and the fact that random killing and carjacking is no longer so casual, keeping your car and your character in one piece seems more important and in a way, makes the game much more my style and enjoyable. Reading the link you posted, you can do pure racing mods as well. I only hope that included modifying the 4x4s. I loved using them, in fact I found them in Vice to be one of the most functional vehicles, a personal favorite of mine.

    If not, then I will have to hope I can get a sandking again...
  6. hashbury street? that's awesome. looks like they're not even trying to hide what the places are.
  7. This won't be sold out, will it? I need it for "Reading Week"
  8. If you get your preorder, you won't need to worry.
  9. With the large countryside between the cities, the best way to travel across rough terrain is to use the monster truck.
  10. I'm not a nerd, so I don't preorder videogames. I go to WalMart and buy them.
  11. The Gym will be more then for show. It is a place where you can gain strength, speed, and fighting moves. Speaking of fighting moves, GTASA has completely overhauled combat for the firearms and melee. For one, each city has a Gym wit different styles. In Los Santos, CJ can learn street fighting moves. In Las Venturas, CJ can learn boxing moves. In San Fiero, there is a Dojo/Gym where CJ can learn Martial Arts.
  12. yea, who likes being able to pick up their copy when they want to.
  13. Not to mention the stuff that someimes comes with it (Killzone and HALO 2 have collectors editions with bonus DVD's and special cases. Half-Life 2 Gold Edition comes with Half-Life: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Counter-Strike: Source, a stratagy guide, and a Half-Life 2 hat.)
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    What I really love is how the money is now not so easy to come by. For one, there is a huge variety to spend your money on. Second, most of the missions that you do are for you, and will not get you money. So, you will have to preform home invasions. (info here)
  15. Bump for our daytime users.
  16. cool, just set the cover pic as my background, thanks for the link man!
  17. i just read the whole thing, drooling, litterally drooling.

    It should be very realistic, there will even be a lombard street (the windiest street in america) in San Fiero!
  18. I like the F40, viper, and GT40. I wish there was some kind of corvette instead of 4 supras or an RX7 or a Fox Body Stang.
  19. There is, the stinger if I remember correctly was supposed the be the corvetteish car.
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  21. they wont be selling the uncut version in aus so I have no choice.
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    The links are all 404 at the moment so i cannot tell what you are talking about, but I looked before.

    I was mistaken in my listings, The stinger is a viper takeoff dating to GTA1. it is in the game, I saw it in the sports car list.

    The banshee I believe is the corvette. I guess I will need to plug in GTA3 and find it again...
  23. their is a nsx look alike, i cant what to steal that
  24. My brother is ordering it from New Zealand, it's $100 i think. Either way edited versions suck.
  25. Yeah im getting it from NZ aswell. $106.90nz including postage and handling. Can't wait.

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