The GTA: San Andreas Confirmation List.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GT40LM, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. confirmed, preordered
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  3. I can personally confirm stuff for you... I'm playing it right now. NWA is droppin' some tight shit nigga'. Express yourself.
  4. Don't tell us anything we don't ask for. (i.e. plot spoilers.)
  5. Which is about $100 AUS. I can't wait to play it when exams are over.
  6. Yeah, I probably won't play it a whole lot in the next couple days anyway. I will however still probably buy it when it goes out. A shitty photo...
  7. What about first impressions anyway?
  8. Seems pretty good. All the same good old stuff, plus a hell of alot more. It's kind of strange though, it's like the Sims meets GTA or something. Working out, buying clothes, getting haircuts, etc. Kind of strange but the whole getting fat, muscular, etc thing is pretty cool. The enviroments are friggin' huge. The soundtracks pretty kick ass too.

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