The GTO Vs. GT comparison was crap!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 2003 ss R, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Ie seen a couple for 24 and some for 25 right now. The 05s are so close to being out.
  2. i think both cars are good but the mustang came out on top not just because of its styling, but for having close numbers with 100 less h.p and costing $4,635 less. i don't think the looks catagory was judged right becasue the GTO didn't have the GTO appearance sports package on it. But if the sports package was on expect the price to jump maybe a thousand dollars.
  3. Close? Maybe on a mag but I have never seen for as long as the 05 has been out, the GT beat a GTO. Ever. I dont think any private owner has gotten 13s stock yet. Also I doubt the sapkg. costs that much. Unlike in the 997 vs C6 comparison the more expensive car won and its not even that much more expensive. Hmm.
  4. some of you guys are great...yes the GTO is a near 35k car...ever think that people are finding GTO's for as cheap as you say because the demand for them just isnt there?? lol didnt think about that did you?..the Mustangs price can most certainly be negotiated rememeber its not like this is some limited edition, or exotic like a Saleen S7, or Ford GT. If a dealer needs a GT in any color they just go out and find big deal...ifcomparing sticker to sticker the GTO will probably end up costing 10k more than the cant take into account dealer rebates and such because they only happen when dealers can't move an unwanted car off the lot....The GT doesnt even belong in this comparison...wait for the Cobra like I said, or if they do any Bullit, or Mach 1 type special editions...and they will eat up the GTO...
  5. Quote from Z06nutSS405: "...Also I doubt the sapkg. costs that much..."

    I don't know for sure it costs that but its just a trown out number.
  6. i read the artical now, and i have to admit, the fact that they found it bland was the main reason it lost, hell the only real reason, this was the 2005 they tested, with 400hp, and one of the low points they pointed out was price, where else are you going to get 400hp for 32k? i agree the pointacs exterior styling isnt as unique, hell its very bland, sleeper bland, but that can be a good thing too. hell there was a time people actually looked for that in a muscle car...
  7. Actually look on the cover of the new Hot rod. An '05 GT in the 12s.
  8. "if they do any Bullit, or Mach 1 type special editions...and they will eat up the GTO..."

    oh yeah. . those shaker hood scoops and billet fuel doors make it much faster. . .
  9. ^^^

    not to mention a Judge GTO would kick their asses. Oh and Im pretty sure that first 05 was driven BY A DRIVER FROM THE MAG and the car had some BOLT ONs
  10. Is there going to be a new GTO judge?
  11. no one realy knows %100
  12. Well, the GTO was a crappy remake, it's not a bad car by any lengths, but I think that something it resembles the Nissan Sentra more than the muscle car it was based on, and that's what makes fans puke at the site of it.
  13. how about the extra two cams under the valve covers?

  14. for a grand total of an extra thirty horsepower. . yeah thats gonna do a lot. . .
  15. It dropped more than half a second off the 1/4 mile time of the last mach 1 vs GT.

    30 peak hp tells only 1/2 the story, the 4 cams gives you better power throughout the rev range.
  16. thirty horsepower will not make the mustang beat the gto. . no matter how much it changes the powerband
  17. the mustang is basiclly neck and neck with the GTO the way it is now...
  18. GM cant make a Judge because they were meatheads and let the copyright lapse on the name so someone else bought it. it would only have cost them 25$ to renew the copyright for another 20 years and they didnt think it was important enough to do. So SLP bought the copyright for 200$ i think and they now own the name. They are supposed to be making a Judge package for the GTO.
  19. neck an neck?! just to 60 mph the difference is a half a second. . . thats not neck and neck. .

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