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  1. What are you asking?

    If you are wondering if this is a rip off of the american GTO. Then no because this is the car the American GTO is based off. Other than that I got no idea what your going on about.
  2. The Holden Monaro is what the GTO is based from. Aside from the same body and glass panels, this car probably shares 0% of its parts with the GTO. This car is bad to the bone marrow.
  3. Pontiac made the GTO with help from HSV Holden. And besides that, a lot of the Holdens I've seen look alike so.
  4. Yeah, like everyone has said, the Holden Monaro is what the new Pontiac GTO was made from, except this GTS-R would piss all over the GTO u americans get!!!
  5. Hopefully it'll come here (the US).
  6. Ahh no, Holden didn't help them, Holden made the whole thing and rebadged it. The only thing American about that car is the engine and the ugly grill.
  7. Yeah but the engine is just a global thing not made for one car so it doesn't matter that much...
  8. But it's still an American engine. It's American and Chevy enginuity!
  9. ford escort is the best car out there
  10. Holden is a GM company.
  11. i wouldn't exactly call push-rods enginuity!! true it hammers out some numbers... but something as big, old and refined as that would want to with the amount of money thats been spent... (and no, i'm baggin them, its just not enginuity!)

    that HSV will likely only be a one make series for rich kids if it ever gets going... the car its self looks too plastic (much like most other HSV's), give me the Coupe4 anyday!
  12. I do not agree. I believe that the GTO (American) is based off of the platform fromt he former F-Bodies (Camaro and Firebird). Notice that the GTO has the 5.7L engine from the former Corvette and Camaro, not the 5.9L engine from the new Corvette C6.
  13. What are you on about. The Gto is based 100% off the monaro.
  14. Ah that is because only HSV is using the the 6ltr engine while the stnadard Holden Commodore don't get the 6ltr till the new VZ range in 2005/2006.

    And the 6ltr had a huge input from Holden Australia. It is just based off a very old and an engine that isn't to great.
  15. Last comment, the 6 liter 330kw engine is, tuned by HSV with the few things that up the output, expect this to be a GTS or mabey a clubsport engine in the next few years.

    No HSV did all thos tiny mods, that gives it an extra 30kw.
    Really im impressed with the 6.0liter engine it just the push rod bit.
    One day i hope we can really see the best of both engines. Push rod and DOHC in australia.
  16. okay, i'll set the record straight. Holden is owned by GM, and because GM is a business, its aim is to MAXIMISE profits, in order to do that, it only maunfactures a few engines and sends them to its branches ie Holden.

    However, the Holden Monaro was originally the brainchild of Mike Simcoe, who while holidaying, drew up the designs for a two door commodore (in fact, a lot of the Monaro was based on the Commodore, a sedan) It used a 5.7 L gen III V8, which was sourced from GM in the USA. The car also used Ecotec V6's, but they soon ended after no-one bought them. The Monaro continued for a few years until GM saw the gap for a "muscle car" type in its line up. And naturally, they looked abroad.

    The Monaro was now badged a Pontiac, and had the unfortunate changes associated with american "style" including a new front, and raised fuel tank. The car was met with a lukewarm response by americans, because the SUV boom was in full swing, and ths was the equivalent to a buzz box in their eyes.

    However, in palces around the Middle East area, they sold as Chevy Lumina's in limited numbers. the Monaro is sold to a lot of countries and has put Australia on the map (in terms of car manufaturing). While seeling well now in the US, it is still assembled at Elizabeth, Victoria.

    As for the development, it was entirely done in Australia, even using the gen III state of tune borrowed from the V8 Commodores. There was no actual US involvment in the project.

    In terms of Heritage, the two versions share similar stories. The Monaro is named after the town, aptly named Monaro in Victoria. it was an iconic muscle car of the era, same with the GTO. now they are both rebirthed.

    The next model Monaro will have a 6.0L donk in it, as part of phasing out the old one in Holdens. now it is in all Monaros.

    This particular version is a race car version, with only six being made for marketing purposes. These will not be for sale, but will be used as a teaser to entice people to buy them. the minimal weight reduction over the production road model is due to the new rollcage, incase you wondered.

    So, back to your point, this car is not an American car, but an Australian one exported to America.
  17. Elizabeth is in South Australia, and Monaro isnt a town, its a region in NSW.
  18. nah the chevette is
  19. One thing I gotta add to that. Some GM companies do share basic bodies. GM makes both Chevy Avalanche, and Cadilac Escalade that looks exactly like Avalanche. They both share same looks, but the engine and performance are different. Yet they share basically same body.

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