1. Re: the h2 is gay

    the h2 and you share something in common then!
  2. Re: the h2 is gay

    i almost got my ass kicked by a guy who drove a h2 because i called it gay. i was going to home depot and this guy driving a yellow h2 drove up right next to me, almost hitting me, and parked in 2 parking spots because its so wide and he sucked at parking. so while walking around i see the guy in the store and while walking pass him i turn to my girlfriend and say real loud 'i heard mostly gay men buy the new h2.' he yelled back at me 'real funny #$%# head' and then stalked me throughout the entire store.
  3. Re:

    Gay huh? Is that why people everywhere are buying them faster than GM can build them? Dumb ass. Its your opinion. But my opinion on your opinion is you have a stupid opinion.
  4. Re: the h2 is gay

    Oh, i never knew cars had sexual preferances..
  5. Re: the h2 is gay

    hummers kick ass!

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