The heavy metal thread.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mustang Cobra R, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Two absolute musts:

    and the new Mesuggah album "Obzen", which just leaked. I'm floored by Zimmer's Hole new song. Insanely good.

    BTW slayer, wtf is up with Anaal Nathrakh? The music is very black metal but the vocals are...well just crap. I never hopped on the black metal train. I have always been a big thrash/death metal guy. Underground metal kicks ass.
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    You'd probably like the Black Dahlia Murder judging by your suggestions. Hardcore-ish with a serious twist of death metal.

    Since I'm posting, here's some bands anyone who is into metal at all should check out:

    Hate Eternal:

    Machine Head's latest: "The Blackening"

    Devin Townsend:

    and Carcass:
  3. YES! #$%#in ARSIS!!! Can't wait to see them in a few weeks with Exodus and Goatwhore.

    In a few months, going to see In Flames and CoB!!!...and Megadeth on Gigantour.

    Any Into Eternity fans out there?
  4. nobody likes my posted links?
  5. Lately I'm listening to Shadows Fall, not exactly metal.

    Machine Head is one of my favorite bands.
  8. I like them,

    don't listen too much to black/death but so now and then when i want some sick double bass i like it very much :D
  9. Heavy metal music rules!

    Yes, I'm 44 years old and I adore heavy metal.
  10. i used to listen to it, then i started listening to hardcore and industrial, then hardtechno and now tech house/minimal
    always softier <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> i hope next year i wont start listening to chill out music.
  11. +1 for vid, Blake!
  12. What about stuff like Metallica?
  13. All Hail The New Flesh is the only good song on that album.
  14. All Hail The New Flesh is the only good song on that album.

    Coincidently, when I saw this thread, Devin Townsend Band - Depth Charge was playing.
  15. Love it.
  16. I see no reason to not like metal at 44. Hell, you're about the same age as many of the greatest metal artists.

    James Hetfield is 44, Dave Mustaine is 46, John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy are 40, Randy Rhoads WOULD be be 52, etc.
  17. GORGORATH!!!!!!!
  19. DT is bar none my favorite artist. Love everything he's done.

    Whoever said Arsis, good choices. Broken had a nice list of awesome bands there too. The new BTBAM is a ridicliously good album.
  20. Children of Bodom.
  21. My ears would throttle my brain if I ever started listening to metal.
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    These guys kick ass:
    listen to "like light to the flies"
    ascendancy is one of the best metal albums I've ever heard, every song on it is good
  23. Also, Opeth is probably the best band ever.
  25. I dunno, I can sit out the album in one run and genuinely pretty much enjoy every bit of it. It has been remastered too recently <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>

    AHTNF is my fav track too though

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