The hell is going on in here?

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  1. Hey fellas.

    It's been a few years. I'm no longer in the oilfield, but rather back as a student working in math and physics. I am also learning to live a little. I still own my 65 Newport, black s13 coupe, but also got myself a S15 Silvia spec R and a 1998 R34 GTT. The S15 I took on a road trip from Alberta Canada to Key West Florida. Had too many people dying in my life, so I wanted to drive some roads.

    I drove Pikes Peak and Deals gap on the way down. I also went through yellowstone park, and tried to sneak onto Road Atlanta (Security was tight). I'll try to post some pics here.

    -James Walper
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  2. Wife banned me from facebook, so here is a random pic I found of the S15, lol. [​IMG]
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  3. Trade s13, s15 and GTT for GTR.
  4. Looking to either get a newer Toyota Tacoma for Overlanding, or a Porsche 550 replica to swap a small 4 cylinder turbo into. GTR's are way too expensive right now.


  5. Needs LS, LFX, or 2JZ swap.

  6. erm do you think this a car forum or something
  7. there's definitely a story here...
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  8. Ib4nextdivorcethread
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  9. Damn, I remember when we all got V3'd and I was signed in as you. Then I changed your password. Then somehow you got it back. Classic.
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  10. what an unbelievably weird, and bad website

    some of you put your credit card info into this site
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  11. Another member from past. Good.

    Pikes Peak related. I bought Dirt Rally from the last Steam sale. Pretty much only to play Pikes Peak.

    Some sort of Denver - Vegas - Yellowstone journey with a car or bike needs to be done in near future.
  12. Tacoma for overlanding? pssh lowered 4x4 life.

  13. Where are those trees?

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