The Hummer H2 is not...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ChevyRocks, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. ...just a Tahoe. I hear all the time about people saying "Oh the H2 is just a gussied-up Tahoe, it sucks off-road." People who say that should be slapped upside the head for not actually reading facts and statistics. Let's break it down:

    -For starters, the frame is from the Suburban which, while using the same BASIC platform as the Tahoe, is bigger and stronger and intended for a heavier-duty vehicle. The reason why the vehicle is about the same size as a Tahoe is because the GM guys cut 7.2 inches out of the length, and shortened the overhangs.

    -Onto the suspension. The front setup is again from a Suburban, but from the even heavier-duty 2500 model. This means control arms and torsion bars, and generally stronger parts. In back is, yet again, Suburban parts, in this case the 1500 model's 5-link solid axle setup with coil springs, with additional air suspension (off-road package).

    -The off-road stuff. For one, the tire setup on an H2 is much different from a Tahoe, and the off-road package on the H2 adds LT315/70R-17 big'ns compared to the biggest stock Tahoe tire at LT265/70-17. The approach angle of the H2 is 43.6 degrees, not far behind that of the H1 at 47 degrees even with a winch. More degrees of the approach angle means the vehicle can drive up a steeper hill. Meanwhile, the Tahoe will have to back up and find another way around with it's 19.8 degrees of the same. Departure angle on the H2 is 39.7 degrees and can be raised to nearly the same as the approach with the air suspension in the rear. This means the H2 can not only approach a much steeper hill than a Tahoe, but can drive straight up it too.

    -Other stuff. The H2 has 10 inches of ground clearance to the Tahoe's 8.4 inches. The H2 has a 4WD system unlike that of any other GM SUV, using a full-time Borg-Warner 44-84 transfer case with low-range gearing for slow off-road stuff; other GM SUVs use a part-time transfer case. The H2 has a 316 horse (325 for 2005) 6.0 liter V-8, and the Tahoe maxes out with the 285 hp 5.3 liter V-8.

    There. Now that actual facts and statistics are posted, naysayers can shut their faces.
  2. It's good off-road, but needs the platform/parts sharing to reflect more in the price.
  3. It's a Tahoe on crack.
  4. Exactly. It's a parts-bin vehicle basically. It uses existing parts, with some alterations, and makes a damn good off-road vehicle. It can do quite a few things just about as good as the H1 can, and it rides a bunch better and is half the cost.

    Just because alot of the buyers don't take it off-road, doesn't mean it's not an awesome off-roader. I barely see any Land Rover Discoverys around here that have run through mud or streams and shit like that, because the people who buy them are a bunch of yuppies who want the image more than the vehicle. And apparently they complained enough that Land Rover redid the vehicle calling it the LR3 and replacing the hardcore solid front and rear axles with 4-wheel independent suspention tuned to be more on-road friendly; as opposed to the H1's 4-wheel independent suspension designed to handle excellent off-road and riding like an unladen dump truck or a military "deuce-and-a-half" on the road.
  5. Drove one, not impress.
  6. Suburbans are really known for their offroading ability thus why the H2 is based off it.
  7. Needs a Duramax.

    For. Christs. Sakes.
  8. Doesn't fit.
  9. They could've fit a Duramax (if they lengthened the front), but at the cost of the approach angle and the short front overhang. So basically you'd have a diesel SWB Suburban in the end.
  10. I'd take it.
  11. get a k5 then
  12. Wheres that thread where the H2 got stuck on a stump and had to get a Wrangler to tow it?
  13. I already pointed out how that happened. The stump was 12 inches tall. The distance from the ground to the framerail on an H2 is 10 inches. Enough said.
  14. No need to be an ass.
  15. I wasn't intending to be. Basically, the owner of that H2 is at fault for overestimating the abilities of the vehicle.
  16. You need to face facts though. The abilities of the vehicle are severely overrated.
  17. I'm not bashing the H2 in anyway, but I actually don't ever recall seing pictures of an H2 going offroad, unless it was showing how it got stuck somehwere.

    Anybody want to share?
  18. Look up Car and Driver's test, they went down the route of one of the old Baja 1000s with two H2s, accompanied by two H1s and didn't have any problems.
  19. Awesome. Thanks.
  20. Yeah H2 should of came with a diesel.
  21. Well if they came with a diesel the morons who generally buy them and not off-road with them would complain about it being an "unclean" diesel, which is bullshit but you can't exepct much from people suprised that a 6000+ pound, 300+ horsepower box-shaped truck would get bad gas mileage.
  22. Well, according to MANY well known references, you're wrong and the H2 uses the Tahoe platform.

    If you would like, I could list those sites... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  23. They're a better source than Car and Driver?
  24. Chevy even in their offical press released information specs talks about how it is based off of the Suburban Platform, like the way the Avalanch is based of the Suburban Platform.

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