The Hummer H2 is not...

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  1. stop talking about your dressed up suburban
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  3. Not trying to be an ass, but as far as I'm concerned, this is hearsay.

    Do you have something in writing from Chevrolet?
  4. take it off asphault first before you say <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    not in writing but at the Auto show at the Javits center they specifically stated they used the Suburban 2500 Frame due the the heavier nature of the H2, I asked them why not the shorter Tahoe Frame, they said because the Tahoe doesn't come in any 2500 series form. It's quite logical if you think about it, and the new H2 SUT comes with the Avalanches Midgate and the avalanche is based off the suburban.

    Here is proof

    What lies beneath the bodywork is makes the H2 a tough, reliable customer on- or off-pavement. The chassis is a three-piece, fully welded, boxed ladder-type frame with hydroformed components in a number of locations to maximize strength while limiting weight. A lot of the cost reduction came from sharing chassis and drivetrain components from current GM trucks.

    "We share chassis and steering components with the heavy-duty 2500-Series Suburban and the 1500 Suburban," says Charlie Martin, the vehicle systems engineer for the Hummer H2 chassis and drivetrain. "But most of those shared parts have been heavily modified."
  6. Key differences in the H1 and H2

    Smaller tires reduce the H2's running ground clearance from the H1's remarkable 16 inches to a more down-to-earth 9.3 inches. Likewise with approach angles; the H1 measured 72-degrees while the new H2 is estimated to have between 40-43 degrees. Departure angles on both H1 and H2 are nearly identical

    H2 is far from being a "baby." Preliminary specifications show the H2's 189.8-inch overall length makes it five inches longer than the H1 and its overall height of 77.8 inches makes it nearly three inches taller despite running on much smaller tires.

    Where fording streams is concerned, the H1 was comfortable in 30-inches of water. The H2 is good for 20-plus. Those numbers are still better compared to the gamut of factory sport-utility 4x4s on the market, and from what we learned about the H2's drivetrain, should have little effect on the "baby's" off-road prowess

    Where it is smaller is width and track. H2's 122.8-inch wheelbase is about seven inches shorter than the H1, and its 69.4-inch track about two-inches narrower. The new Hummer is also more than five inches narrower in the body (81.2" vs. 86.5") and tips the scales at a reported 6,400 pounds, which is about 700 pounds lighter than the original.

    The shorter wheelbase-and improvements in the steering geometry-allow the H2 to cut a seven-foot tighter turning circle than its predecessor and supposedly handle much better on the open highways.

  7. Well, now that I've seen that, I think I'll say I was wrong. But, I had a pretty good source stating otherwise. ( <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. Its alright, These forums isn't about who's wrong or right, its about sharing the right info.
  9. H2......NOT!!!!!

    I can't understand why anyone would buy such a piece of crap. Period!

    It's got to be one of the stupidest vehicles made of which 99.9% are stritly slow, heavy pavement pounders with thier overcompensating owners driving to feed thier inferiority complex. Dude get a Peterbuilt!
  10. Seems like a better alternative for someone who doesn't live in the emptiest part of Africa, or northern Michigan.
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    You need to read part of thethread before you. What some owners do with it has no bearing on what it is DESIGNED to do, or what it is capable of. Please, get that through your head (and others echoing that sentiment).

    The H2 being rescued by the jeep was stuck on something that even the jeep would have been stuck on had the jeep driver been dumb enough to try and drive over. It isn't because the Jeep was superior than the H2. just that the H2 driver was not paying atention to his surroundings.

    Some more info on the H2: the H2 is based on the Tahoe/GMT800 chassis. But that chassis has been beefed up, and everything in it has been reworked. Remember, that GMT800 chassis was based on the GMT400, which was the basis for some of the most serious work trucks GM has ever built. Only the center section matches the Tahoe, with new hydroformed front and rear frame sections specific to the H2, and designed around keeping everything protected, and allow for extremely short overhangs (the Tahoe and pickup trucks don't concern themselves with those things).

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    Seriously,</A></A> if you think it's just a glorified Tahoe/Suburban with a different skin, you're grossly mistaken. 70% of the frame is all new, and specific to the H2, as is all of the suspension.

    Bosch four-channel antilock braking/traction control system (ABS/TCS) provides optimum control on slippery surfaces. In addition, the ABS can detect and adjust its braking capabilities to rough off-road surfaces like gravel and potholes. The TCS also provides new-for-GM capabilities, including the ability to gain traction through a single wheel, if necessary. A new feature controlled through a separate driver control switch is the TC2 function. This provides for more wheel slip in the traction control mode for sand and desert racing conditions. Its extremely short overhangs, including a 32.6-inch front overhang and 34.6-inch rear overhang provide high approach and departure angles, allowing H2 to drive right into a hole and out again without getting hung up in front or rear. all components were packaged flush with or above the frame rails. This provides better protection during underbody impacts. It also allows the vehicle to slide over obstacles more easily on the frame rail or rocker protection.

    The H2's front shocks contain unique features for off-road performance. They have a large, high-strength 40mm center tube and a secondary integral bump stop feature, which allows them to absorb jolts at two junctures. Full-size trucks typically have only one urethane front jounce bumper. When severe bumps push the suspension toward the frame, it acts like a final cushion to protect the suspension from hitting the frame. The H2 also has a secondary jounce bumper built into the shock. So, rather than taking all the load at the bump stop attached to the frame rail, it takes some of the load with the shock's built-in bump stop, slowing the suspension's travel before it hits its final cushion.

    The problem people who sit around armchair-quarterbacking the H2 have usually centers around the twin facts that the H2 was designed to be more comfortable inside than the H1, and that most buyers won't use them for actual offroading. That does not negate the fact that the H2 was in fact designed from the ground up to go where there are no roads.

    Please, before you call a vehicle a POS, be sure you have your facts straight. And what the average owner uses it for has no bearing on that determination.
  12. i would shit myself in that second pic.
  13. Oh, so your one of the other 0.1% Hummer owners.

    I was not implying that the Hummer was a bad "off-road" vehicle. I was only implying that is a bad "on road" vehicle and that's where the other 99.9% of them are used.

    For that purpose IT IS A "POS".

    Besides, why would someone take a $50K-80K truck and destroy it climbing over rocks,logs and trashing the body panels squeezing it between trees? Thats what Quads are made for and will do it better.

  14. that's the same question as 'why take a 50k-80k car and race it around a track, getting burnt rubber on the fenders, working the entire car really hard, and risking a serious accident?'

    because it's really fun, obviously
  15. "burnt rubber on the venders" (rubber wipes off with WD-40). That's one of the stupidest analogy I've ever heard.

    Why didn't you say something like "Why take a 50K-80K race car around the track AND crashing it into the wall wiping out the front end"

    My response would be "that because the sponsor is paying for it"

  16. what the #$%# are you talking about? you don't see simularities between dirt and rubber on the damn car? did you not read the rest of my #$%#ing analogy? i did say something like that, and for your info, 95% of people who race cars are doing it out of their pocket. you are absolutely retarded, and your existance frightens me.
  17. Actually, I don't own a hummer. I'm just balancing ignroance in other posts with facts, just like I try to do with every vehicle out there.

    YOu dindt' "imply" it was a bad on road vehicle, you called it a piece of shit and wondered why ANYBODY would buy one. I pointed out that it isnt' a POS, and pointed out why many people buy them. Just because some people don't use those reasons has nothing to do withthe vehicle. real race cars make bad street cars, but many of us love to drive them there anyway. Hell, even exotic cars aren' treally very good at the job of being cars: uncomfortable, unreliable, impractival, poor fuel mileage, etc. But that doesn't stop us from wanting a $200-500k Ferrari!

    Why would someone build a $20k engine that only lasts 5 seconds? Racers do that all the time. It's called a f cking HOBBY. I've seen people blow $50k in under a minute in Vegas. ITS THEIR MONEY!

    Seriously. #%[email protected] about people buying things they don't need is silly. We don't need 90% of what we already HAVE, and we certainly don't need most of what we WANT. So calling avehicle a POS because someone bought more vehicle than they need is absolutely retarded. Can we just stop doing that?
  18. Chris

    Your balancing ignorance with facts?

    To me, when I buy a vehicle I consider what it’s intended purpose is and how I plan to use it. The Hummer H2 design is “Marketed” as an off-road vehicle made to appeal more to the psychological need of a person who wants a bigger, heavier, taller, more powerful vehicle then everyone else that gives them a sense of superiority over any other vehicle on the road. To me the H2 is one of the best looking SUV's made and is very aggressive looking, but there is more to it then that. I was watching a fascinating documentary on this subject and they called it the “Reptilian Survival Instinct” and used the Hummer as an example. Whether the car handles well, can stop quickly, gets more then 10 mpg, can accelerate briskly, hauls large amounts of cargo or is easy to drive is of secondary concern. All of which the Hummer does very poorly and actually poses a danger to everyone else who has to share the road with such a large awkward vehicle (a friend of mine had one back over his Porsche at a traffic light because the moron could not see him in his rear view mirror).

    To the guys who buy an H1 (or even an H2) for off-road riding then that makes sense. After all, it was designed for that purpose as a rugged hard core off-road military vehicle. But the fact is that 99.9% of the people who bought one will never actually drive it off-road and a mainly to satisfy their Reptilian Survival Instinct “mine is bigger then yours” mentality. A friend of mine built up his F-350 soo much that my AWD Subaru would be more capable as an off-road vehicle and deep down inside he knew it as well, but that’s not why he dumped $30K into it. It was a “Monster Truck” built to crush all of us who drove “little” cars. Legally he could not deliberately do that but he liked the fact knowing he could (that reassurance cost him $50 a day in fuel). That is not a “Hobby”, it’s fulfilling a psychological need and that is disturbing! Big vehicles like that are less likely to avoid an accident and pose a bigger risk to everyone else! SUV's flipping over is quite common.

    Ask yourself, is there any truth to what I just stated? Forget the “emotional” aspects of why people drive such vehicles which is what your main justification is for your argument. Hay “I wanna put wheels on a 100’ yacht and drive it down Main Street because that’s what I like” does not make it right? We have guys fighting in Iraq and one of the reasons is to protect our oil interest in the Middle East. Just imagine if everyone in the US drove cars that got 10 mpg and used it to move their fat ass back and forth to work everyday. In the end people should be a able to buy what they want within reason and I’m not saying don’t own a big behemoth vehicle like that, just use it when you want to play and consider leaving it in the garage and drive something else that doesn't burn gobs of fuel and threaten to squash the little lady driving the Geo Metro.

    If people used the Hummer for what it was designed for there would not be enough people to buy them in order to justify their manufacture. Besides, you will have much more fun driving a Corvette on the road then a clumsy Hummer.

  19. although off the road youll have more fun in the hummer..... this goes round and round.... its great at what it does, just because you, and some that own hummers, dont use it for that doesnt mean the vehical, or rather the manufactures, are at fault. end of story. nothing more to descuss.
  20. Chevy sucks!!!!!!!!!
  21. Please make intelligent posts. You're not contributing anything whatsoever to the forums.
  22. I've seen a number of hummers at off road events
    not one got into the competition
  23. WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY! That would scratch the paint and chrome.

    dude, I just got done waxing and buffing mine out and it's choice. Next week I'm decking it out with six 15" subs and cruise it up Beach Blvd.
  24. Do your self and all of us a favor and end your life.

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