The Hummer H2 is not...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ChevyRocks, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Since when is that a fault of the vehicle though?

    How many Cobra owners, Corvette owners, Porsche owners, etc. take their cars to the track or strip every week? Every month? Every year? Ever?

  2. The H2 is not an offroad vehicle, it is a fashion accessory for rappers.
  3. Are you kidding? I just pasted a Z350 today. As a matter of fact "every day is race day"

  4. You're no better than H2 owners. You are perhaps even worse. Street racing is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous, far more dangerous than an H2 on the city streets driven normally.
  5. Don't be too quick to pass judgment. I was only making lite of your post and you took my response quite literally. Your statement about people who drive Porsches or Corvettes not taking them to the race track prompted my response. Just about everybody who drives a high performance car (including "you" assuming you drive one) is guilty of a street braw once in a while and the vast majority amount to a short burst to the next stop light and nothing more. "No holds barred" racing will likely result in something going terribly wrong which is what you are suggesting. Everyone who rides in my car feels quite safe with me behind the wheel and probably more so then the average driver (just ask my mom).

    Be well.
  6. I never said I haven't ever been street racing, because I have. And it is certainly fun. But regardless of who does it, it's still irresponsible.

    I was just merely pointing out that the mentality of a driver, nor does what the driver does with the car, has no bearing on what a cars capabilities are. The H2 is still better off-road than probably 80% of the SUV's out there. Just like high-performance cars are stupid just because the actions of the drivers are.

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