the Imperial measurement system is retarded

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Maroon Beret, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. slugs? who came up with that name???

    the metric system makes so much more sense... why the US/UK doesn't adopt the metric system? i dunno...

  2. thanks for the newsflash, tom brokaw. i think this is about the 8th time we've been over this topic this year.
  3. Because I'd be a #%!@ to reeducate (or educate rather) 300 million Americans
  4. sorry.... but i just learned what a slug is today....

    it was on my mind....
  5. as for slugs, im sure that's just some archaic name for the measurement...

    see, i use both metric and imperial in my studies, and i really dont mind using either one. sure, metric is easier to calculate, but it matters not to me when i have conversion tables for imperial both written down in front of me, as well as in my head. so who cares. i think in imperial, and i can work well in metric. its like being bilingual in measurements for no real reason.
  6. it's not an archaic name for a measurement...

    it's the imperial unit for mass... according to my prof...
    it's equal to 1 ft/sec^2 which is about 32 pounds...
    lbs supposedly is only supposed to be used as a measurement of force.

    maybe i'll go work in europe (minus the UK), where i don't have to deal with this stuff....
  7. Isn't "slug" metric for weight, whereas grams are mass? Yes, I'm about 100% sure that I'm correct.
  8. The UK is metric. In fact is there anywhere but the US that isn't?
  9. not that i know of.
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  11. i thought the UK hadn't adopted it yet?
  12. Re-educate? We learn both ways.
  13. This man is clearly of the educational status to criticize systems of measurement.
  14. there are hundres if not thousands of local/traditional measurement systems, of which only a few have still maintaned. the metric system was based on science, where some of these traditional systems(like the imperial system) was based loosely on what was easily available then or sometimes even set by royalty. however, the metric system is fairly new and some of these traditional systems are as old as 4 milleniums(i know the iranian traditional measurement system is around 2800 years old, but iran uses metric).

    it just happens to be that england had immense influence on the world and so carried this local system globally, making it still used worldwide.

    try teaching a 65 year old the metric system and he/she will tell you to #$%# off and that its stupid, that why its still around.
  15. cubits or something?
  16. My car gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that's the way I likes it!
  17. i find something cool about a really unwieldy measurement system. furlong? peck? knot? rock on.
  18. UK still uses mph for it's speed limits.
    And Beer is sold by the pint.

    But apart from that everything is pretty much metric as far as quantities sold in shops goes - It some EU directive to transisiton to metric thats been going on for the last 5-10 years.

    Food is sold by the gram and kilogram.
    Petrol is sold by the litre.
    Most drinks/liquids are sold by the litre.

    (although they still also put imperial measures on some loose goods - fruit and veg at market stalls, etc.)
  19. being totally educated in metric, i still use imperial from now on, because of some people who use it. when speaking of measuremnt, they scratch their heads.

    some measurements are useful inches, feet, um thats about it. But others i don't see the use of. If we start converting everything over to metric, teach metric in all schools, then all the old people will eiter adapt or die.
  20. i dont know what it is called in the english language, but its quite a thorough and accurate system for being as old as it is.
  21. well the cubit was the unit of length and dimension as used in the Bible and many of those early cultures in the Levant.

    if i recall my history correctly, the Sumerians and/or Egyptians may have used it.
  22. in farsi the two units are called Zar and Gaz and both root to over two milleniums ago. like i said, i dont know what the units are called in english(very possible that there is no name for them in the first place). the units are quite detailed and similar to the english unit in nature.
  23. A cubit the distance from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger.
    It is defined as between 17 and 22 inches.

    I guess it was standardised a bit, but still not very accurate.
  24. No. You are 100% wrong.

    Slug is one of the units of mass.

    In any case, why is "slug" any more retarded than "gram?"

    They're both arbitrary.
  25. Neither makes more sense. They are both equally rational. One just happens to have been planned better (metric).

    Maybe the imperial system is difficult for you to quickly do conversions, etc. in your head, but that's a limitation that not everyone shares.

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