The Incredible Pricetag!

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina' started by KoenigMan, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. According to Road & Track Magazine, this car's base price is $258k. Now, anywhere (Algar Ferrari, The Auto Toy Shop of Memphis, etc.) the asking price is like +$360k! Of course that's the asking price, but can you really narrow it down by $110k?! Can I get any opinions?
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    from what i heard most were sold before they even got out of the factory
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    Yes they were. The current price is around $325,000 to $385,000. If you go to a Ferrari dealership they will probably charge the higher price. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, I recommend a private owner (they'll probably charge less).
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    Most Ferrari owners like to sell their cars no lower than $1,000 below the MSRP because by the time they get around to selling them, they've already paid the associated luxury and gas guzzler taxes and they feel they need something back. Besides, Ferrari is one of the exclusive of car makers so of course Ferraris are going to have a high price tag.
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    If you were on the likst for one, you would have given your dealer as check for $284,000. thats what it came out to after taxes, etc.
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    y is it slower than the Maranello, when it's got 5hp and weighs the same?
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    It's a Barchetta?!
    It's less aerodynamic (due to lack of roof) which decreases top speed.
    I still like this better than 550 Maranello
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    hey its gana be a clasic,it was made in limited numbers, and its a convertable. Heck if u know anyone that wants to sell it they are crazy. The price is up so much do to simple supply and demand
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    why pay that much for the uglyst farrari ever, when you can have an aston martin vanquish for less and its faster.

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