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  1. I think that Nissan made a mistake with this body style. If you compare it to other cars in its class like the Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7 you'll notice that they both had body styles that were newer looking, rounder, and just more shapely all around in 1993. Nissan should have made this car look better. Now they sure hit the spot with their new 350Z though!!
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    Sorry I dont agree.

    Dont forget this is a car which came out in 1988 in Japan and if you look at the other cars which where out at the same time, they where all boxy and square. In the early 90s nearly every car had smooth and rounded body. This was about 3-4 years after the Z first did it. So if anything the Z was well ahead of its time in styling.

    The modern RX-7 is a nice looking car, but I would describe the Supra as very boring and plain in looks, because it is too smooth and too round.

    Look at new cars now, especially Japanese ones. In the 90s, they tried to hide the body and joining lines, like on the Supra and RX-7. The result was a very smooth almost seamless body. But now the fashion has changes again. They make use of the join lines and edges and even progress the lines through the panel onto another.

    Look at the Z stock bumper line, instead of blending nicely into the front wing, there is a very apparent join, and it isnt a straight one. It has a few very shape corners on it, when they could very easliy made it join on one line to make it less apparent. The panel even overlaps the A-Pilar to add to the style. The bottom of the window trim are all on a straight line which continues along the boot line with the thick black rubber seal at the bottom of the boot/trunk lid. They could have hidden that easily but the style emphersizes it, as does the black stipe which goes all around the bottom of car, if you notice.

    Also the headlights where very ahead of its time, although they are not very good for driving at night, Nissan produced those lights when virtually all sports cars had popups. Mazda RX-7 and MX-5, Honda NSX (I think the Civic did too), Mitsubishi Starion and 3000GT, Toyota MR-2 and older Supra, Nissan 300ZX (Z31), Porsche 944 and most Ferraris of that time, all had pop ups when the Z32 300ZX came out, and that list is just a very small example of cars with popups
    Look at head lights now? There are only 2 makes of car in this world which are still being made and have popup headlights and I think 1 has now stopped production. So through the late 80s, and onto the early 90s and mid 90s in some cases cars still had popups. So Nissan was 15 years ahead of its time in thinking that Popup lights are old and out of date. it is only now have other car manufacturers turned away from popups.

    The newer RX-7 has a beautiful shaped body, but when the lights pop up it does spoil it quite a bit and looks silly at times.

    The 300ZX head lights where said to be so different and good looking they where used on the Lamborghihi Diablo for the life time of the car. I dont think Lamborghini would have used dated looking lights for their car, and lets take into account it only stopped production in 2001.

    I even think the 300ZX rear lights are great. They are completely different to any other. When the 300ZX came out, rear lights where just a block of multicoloured glass. Look at the rear lights of a RX-7 of that time and a Supra of that time. Just a square block of all the lights bunched togehter. Tail lights is a 9 inch long line on each side which doubles up as the break light as well as the inspoiler one, the indicator will be another long line underneath. The reverse lights are 4 lights in parrarell with the others located in the middle of the car around the 300ZX logo.
    Other cars of its time where nothing like that. Even through the 90s lights just changed from a block of square lights to a block of round lights. Describe the lights on a new Supra. A block of 4 round lights on each side. The reverse light is round, the break light is round, the indicator is round. Same with the RX-7 but they joined the 2 sets of lights with a black perspex strip? Hmmm sound familar? The NSX tried to do the same with the back of the car and spread the lights around, but they just used square lights in different places.
    Cars now are moving the location of the lights and the shape of them because the back of most cars in the 90s and early 00s, used a block of round lights.

    I could go on but I think I would bore you to death. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> And this post is getting mighty long. I cant stop when I get on my soap box.
    So to people who think it looks dated, look at when the car came from and how different it was then. Look at where cars are going now, and you realise the 300ZX got there 15 years ago.


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