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Discussion in '2001 Carlsson CLK RS' started by Walperstyle, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I love the looks of this, as well as the figures. Its a fast, luxury car. The interior is second only to the Bugatti 16/4.<!-- Signature -->
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    is it really nice inside?<!-- Signature -->
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    Did you see the pics, it sure is nice inside, its also got a kick ass engine, but i agree i think the bugati does have a more luxurious interior.
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    more luxurious sure..but i think the seats of the merc are lighter..
    veyron has too much padding and extras..<!-- Signature -->
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    I want one. This is a very nice car. looks great w/ ground effects.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, the interior kinda tells you what the priorities are on this car. "Strap in, shut up, and forget you saw a brake pedal down there. We won't be needin' that!"
    This is just a damn fine automobile. Damn fine.<!-- Signature -->
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    Nice bodykit
    <!-- Signature -->

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