The magna replacement.

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  1. I don't understand how they can expect it to be very successful.
    It doesn't fix many of the problems the current Magna has.
    - No 4 cylinder model. People who want a cheap mid sized car will go buy a camry.
    - Probably won't be that good looking if the US galant is anything to go on.
    - FWD, I heard theres not even AWD? RWD large cars clearly sell better in Australia
    - No XR6t, SV8, SS compititor models. Tons of XR6s and SV6s get sold because they look like the more powerful models.
  2. i think it will be succesful. and i hope it is. the main reason being it has to be so they will make it a good car. There engines, transmissions and waranties are one of or the best available in an aussie made car and the interiors are always fairly nice. fwd is a put off though
  3. I don't doubt they can make a good quality mid/large sized FWD sedan. But I dont think that is enough these days when there are so many other cars in its class which have the things I listed.
  4. All the spy shots i have see were awsome, looks very nice will take sales from falcon and commodore and camry intill 2006 model comes out.

    The window was down and they took a pic the quility and style looked high ive got high hopes.
  5. The spy shots I have seen look the same as the US galant, which I dont think is any better than the current one.
  6. Is this the new model that will put Mitsubishi in the V8's?
  7. it was somewhere between 05 and 08 that mitsubishi wanted to be in the V8s, so it could be?

    it's certainly an improvement over the last (looks wise) but what isnt?
  8. My mate's parent's replacement magna was better. It was a Falcon.
  9. Mitusbish doesn't have the dosh to go into the v8's now i reckon.

    They really shot themselves in the foot with this current Magna looks wise.
  10. it should only be allowed in the V8s if the magna has a production rwd V8
  11. Well yeah that's the rules, my next question was going to be what variants this model will come with.
  12. if Mitsubishi OZ can produce a rwd V8 sedan that can compete against SS Commodores and XR8s.... i'll be damned.
  13. I would be thinking the same, if they hadn't said that it's going to happen some time over the next few years.
  14. i seriously cant imagine a rwd V8 mitsubishi sedan with more than 220kw at most, i just... cant.

    What V8s does mtsubishi have anyway? if they do have any.....?
  15. Errrr you do realise that Daimler Chrysler owns a 33% stake in Mitsubishi Motors don't you?

    There is also the 32 Valve DOHC V8 going into the new Pajero Evolution.
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    no, i did not know that actually. Thanks for enlightening me.

    this sounds great though!! - "We reckon about 270-320kW would be about right for the Japanese-built powerplant, and maybe this will filter into Magnas, perhaps even allowing them entry into the V8 Supercar series. Strange things have happened..."
    taken from
  17. Pushrod only for the V8 Supercars. I don't think the engines with cams outside the block are allowed in...
  18. V8 supercars are so boring these days. Everyone runs the same ford front end, the same live axle and a 5L pushrod engine no production car uses. Australian car racing use to be about Ford cars vs Holden cars now its just nascar with ford and holden shells.
  19. Welcome to entertaining racing. If every car was a whole heap different then, advatanges and disadvantages would be more evident, thus making the racing become boring and one sided.

    Now the racing is pretty close and driver skill takes a great part.
  20. Yes but V8 car races use to be about the cars. They only have the falcon and commodore shells so they can get people who are too stupid to understand they are not modified road cars to watch.
  21. Thats why I love GT production.
  22. Thats why I love GT production.
  23. loveD?
  24. GT Production was good.

    The TE50's sound sent shivers down my spine, it sounded so good when they showed the in car camera view.

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