The makers have said they gunning for 270mph

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  1. 273 mph to be exact...
  2. If they actually make the attempt I don't think they will make it past 265. 273 would be with perfect conditions and no driveline issues. What i don't understand is why none of these companies ever put on tall skinny tires and take these beasts to the salt flats. With that much less rolling resistance this car could probably see 280 mph easy.
    THere is no reason to endanger the driver just to say you did it on street legal tires. They should atleast install a top fuel style safety egg for when body disinigrates around the driver at 250+ mph if they really want to risk the chance of a tire blowout.
  3. Just to clarify, the salt flats have more rolling resistance as a surface than asphalt.
  4. This car is awesome.
  5. yes. its actually true, i wonder what that other guy was talking about...
  6. yeah lol the folk that made the buggatti veyron RESTRICTED the top speed 2 252 because they were scared that the tires would blow is that true ?
  7. No, so that the if for some reason the owners actually drove it to 253mph, the tires would still be in a condition for a decent drive home. The Veyron has cleared 258 unlimited, and will probably touch 260mph at Ehra Lessien this coming May when the world top speed contest occurs.
  8. Notice I said tall skinnies and set it up for the salt flats. There isn't a tire in the world in supercar sizes that can withstand 300+ mph. If your going from lets say a 355/19/25 to a 185/18/60 even running in the salt you would be not only lose rolling resistance but also frontal area. And if you still think they wouldn't be running faster than street tires on asphalt you should maybe wikipedia some basic physics. Running 300+ mph on asphalt isn't attempted very often beceause of the amount of straight track required for such an attempt. Once you start to accelerate 1 mph every 30 seconds you run out of track very very fast. Most salt flat classes only allow you to run for 5 miles before your speed is recorded. They would be going marginally faster if they had 10-15 miles but there would be a lot more risk involved.
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  11. I dont think they will make 273, not a chance.

    the CW value will have to be much lower (dont remember what it was right now, but not low enough).

    every mph is tough at speeds above 230-240mph, and 1180hp might sound like much, and say it will do 260mph, maybe with 1250hp it would do 262.

    much power for very small speed increases, and how will the reliability be in a car with 1180hp ?.
  12. 1180hp 50,000 dollar small block's should be pretty damn reliable. They really don't need to be running much more than 15 psi to get those kind of numbers. If they really want to get 270 they should chop the top 2-3" and lay the seating position back some. That much less frontal area should get them into 270 territory easily.
  13. I don't know what boost level it acheives the 1180 hp on, but the car's boost is cab-adjustable, with 6, 15, and 26 psi settings. I would think it far wiser to wait a bit, read all the magazine reviews that'll be coming out in 3-5 months, and we'll see how fast it goes on Ehra Lessien in May (against what promises to be some serious competition).
  14. If this car is making 1180 horsepower with 26psi then its only making 430 without boost. That seems low for a 7,000 RPM smallblock even with low compression. If it was making that power at 15psi it would be making 600 horsepower NA. That seems much more likely. So at 26 psi on race gas it should be making closer to 1800. Considering you can buy 1800 horsepower crate engines that run right around 26psi the latter number seems much more likely. 270 mph with 1800 horsepower would be very doable. I guess i should have done some research before i rambled on in this thread.
  15. Considering how much I know about the evolution of this car, and the varying states of tune they've used on the engine, I personally would guess 15psi = 1180 hp. The engine on it's orignal compression ratio, NA, had 620hp. Lower the compression ratio, rework the ECU, etc. , and 1180 isn't out of the question. 15 psi is slightly more than one BAR of boost, so, if there were no inefficiencies in the engine, 600 x 2 = 1200 (orignal ECU, lower compression). So accounting for engine inefficiencies (mostly heat loss with a turbo engine), a reworked ECU, etc. , 1180 sounds about right for 15 psi. Now, I know for a fact when this car is running at Ehra in May it's going to be running with ~1200hp, going for 273mph. Probably meaning slightly better ECU. So, yeah, up to 1850hp would be possible with 26 psi boost. So, as this is the final powerplant they're using, that probably means at some point they're going to try for 300mph.
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  24. One place. Ehra Lessien VAG test track in Germany.

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