The makers have said they gunning for 270mph

Discussion in '2007 SSC Ultimate Aero TT' started by lt4, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I have never heard of it but will take a look.
  2. Go to Germany on google earth. Type in Ehra Lessien. Let it go to whereever it goes, and then zoom out and go a little north. You can't miss a couple of 6 mile straights.
  3. They have got to be on crack thinking this will hit 270.
  4. If the sledgehammer can go 255 with 880hp and much worse aerodynamics why don't you think this can go 270?
  5. The number of psi is hardly the main factor that would contribute to reliability issues.
  6. ehhhh i dont know maybe the tires would rip apart if they werent careful
  7. Once again, there have been land speed records that broke the sound barrier. I highly doubt they'll have a problem finding tires to withstand 250+.
  8. Bastards really missed there mark. Well not too bad, only by 15mph.
  9. Those foreign car fanboys cant stand to see an american car do something better than theirs. They have formula 1, & the autobahn. let us have the top speed!
  10. This thing is still a raging piece of shit.
  11. LOL omygod .txt saved.
  12. u retard it already says on a website that the car was proven it would hit 273.46 IN WIND TUNNEL TESTIN
  13. ok i have personal knowledge of making a car go fast i know for fact that with the NA engine in this car sits at 625 HP that is on race fuel
    with the 15 PSI of boost this runs it brings it to 1180 give or take 6 ponies that is on race fuel i can purchase the fuel at the local gas stations (Thank God i live in Iowa) i can tweak the boost to around
    19 PSI bringing it to 1230 HP that would easily push this car to
    278 MPH i know this because i Drag Race currently got a 99 camaro that does a quarter in under 7 seconds and is still street legal its only got 700 HP Bi Turbo as long as i keep it over 4500 RPMs.
  14. Well your half right, bud. Simply, for the fact that as always slipped wrong info on the '07 Aero TT. Because, SSC is attempting 270+mph with the '09-present Aero TT, making around 1280bhp this time around. That's according to themselves on the SSC Ultimate Aero page.

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