The Most Beautiful Ferrari Ever Built.....

Discussion in '1964 Ferrari 250 GTO ’64' started by CLiner, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Not that anyone will be interested in this, but still. About 15 years ago my mom ordered me those square collection cards (Belgium/Netherlands residents will sure remember these) which featured a lot of exotic and special cars, including this one. I was about 7 or so back then, and as I just got the cards I was browsing through them, first having looked for about 10 minutes at the F40, only to look for about 30 minutes at the card that featured this beauty. It became my all time favourite at once. And it still is. And that was without having read the history of the car on the backside of the card. Appearantly only 33 (or was it 37?) of these cars have been made, and only 2 survived. One is with Ferrari (obviously) and another one in a private collection. It also said that this car sells (yeah right) for about 10 million dollars.
    The point is : my first glance at this car instantly gave me a dream, reading the backside of the card instantly tore it apart. And I'm very glad to find 'new' (to me at least) pics off my all-time fav over here.

    Sure, most people prefer the '62 GTO over the '64 one, and I can't blame them, the lines of the '62 GTO are way more fluent (I'm leaving performance out of discussion), but this... I can't explain it, this is just THE CAR for me, for the rest of my life.
  2. Most beautiful car ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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