The most ugly thing on the road!

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by killer filler, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. This car is so unbelevibly ugly if i saw it on the road id id probably go blind or die or somthin' what do u think?
  2. Considering the very limited experience of the company, specifically their design team, and the fact it's been in development since 1987 (when this would have looked just fine) i dont think it looks that bad, but only when I take into account this car's background. Kudos to Orca for duking it out with the big boys.

    Note: the design of the Enzo, not pretty but it can still f*%# up any car on the road, and some from the track too.
  3. yah i gess but i still dont like it
  4. u think the enzo is the most beautiful car on the road? Come on. I know it can burn rubber, but just because u have to shell out a million bucks to buy one doesent make it a good looking car.
  5. Its looks are not a strong point, but roll down windows would be a real plus. As it looks like these are fixed in place. The shape is decidedly 1980's LeMan prototype race car inspired, but this is an admirable effort for a small team and I wish them the best!
  6. It sure isnt the prettiest thing on the road but the specs are amazing!!! I guess it meant more for functionality than style!!!
  7. um foosekicksass2688 i was reading what the guys said before your post and it dosnt say anything about the enzo looking good. Read the posts a little more carfully before you mock others.
  8. I like a lot this car .. whats wrong with it?
  9. first off i dont see how u could say that the enzo is ugly cuz it is the most beautiful thing on the road. Secondly this car may be impresive specs wize, but that dosent make it good looking. 3erdly If ur just here to pick and snipe and make fun, u dont belong on
  10. Please refer to the thread maker's sig.
  11. Looks are subjective so... And why bother asking others' opinions on how a car look when doing so won't likely prompt you to change your view??

  12. Your not very smart are you?...
  13. Not very beautiful but dangerous, I think other supercar makers have to look over their shoulder from now on.
  14. Sure, the orca does not look like it can stand up with an enzo, mclaren or bugatti veyron in a beauty pagent right!?

    Ferrari has the (arguebly) best designer in the world and it is designed in italy. The buggati and mclaren and enzo are all works of art and were made to be like that along with being some of the fastest in the world. The orca is just desinged for speed.
  15. Being insulted by a 14 yr old who doesn't even know who I am LOL

    And by the way knowing other ppl's view on how a car looks does what for you? Learn anything from it? I thought not. So what's your point of this post again? Too bored with your school work?

    Can't think too seriously of comments by grade 9 kids I guess LOL
  16. Well at least im not a 54 year old stalker driving a chevy cavaleir...LOSER
  17. I don't care who says what about the look of orca c113, i think it look raw ugly and i love it. and looking at the specification, its way better then new coming like mclaren slr, and 911's.
  18. The power to weight ratio is better for this "thing" but which one would you rather have? a merc, or this?

  19. I think its a great car, ive usually loved most things to come out of the euros and this one is exceptional
  20. It Looks like the retarded stepchild of a ferrari F50 and a Lotus elise.
  21. I think its got the look of a Zonda, with the "edgy-ness" of a Diablo.
  22. Zonda?!?! u cant be serious
  23. i think it looks ok. im sure you would only get good attention wen driving this
  24. get off this website then..all ive seen u do is make fun of everything..ive read this whole only year older than u..yet im not this kid that cant accept the fact that the enzo is quite ugly... if i saw it on the road id crap myself cuz its one hell of a car..but it isnt that pretty

    my favourite car is the pagani zonda c-12s.. its pretty ugly but its still my favourite

    all ive seen u do is rant on this whole topic of this car.. go away if ur juss gonna pick and snipe fun at others or at this car.. idiot

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