The Motorola RAZR is back!

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  1. That's real slick, jack.
  2. hallmark of shittly built phones

  3. cant wait to get an andriod so i can upgrade the battery and install some new linux (open sores rulz!!!) so it can function well like good phone (iphone) comes from the factory
  4. Don't you have to jailbreak the iphone
  5. Oh god negative nancy is here
  6. phones are stupid
  7. -I dont know about android phones, but on an iphone you can force reboot without removing the battery. Motorola probably can implement the same thing. [in 4 years of having an iphone and #$%#ing around with it have I ever encountered a situation when I couldnt reboot it by holding down power and home together for 10 seconds]
    -Fair enough, though in reality, phones arent designed to last longer than their battery's expected life. And if after 2 years you're not satisfied with how much charge the battery holds, you CAN replace the battery, you just have to open the phone.

    -Also a good point, but still not a deal breaker if you ask me. There are plenty of ways to bring power with you to charge your phone while traveling. Portable rechargeable batteries with like 3000mah of charge arent that expensive. Yes they are probably less flexible than having multiple batteries, but thats still not a deal breaker imo.
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  9. dont give a shit until they bring back the startac
  10. -its built properly / uses a real OS so it doesnt freeze

    -the screen is held in place with two screws and lifts out pretty easily to access everything inside, pretty simple to replace batt.

    -there are external batteries you can get that will use NiMHs or something and have USB interface.
  11. well then, i guess everything is wrapped up in a neat little package!

    - homre simpsons
  12. The RAZR was the phone of choice for the discerning bonehead chav back in the 00's
  13. it truly was a horrible fone which happened to look nice
  14. the original RAZR cost like $400

    I got to use a pre-release model and it seemed WAY better than the RAZRs that went on sale for $150 or whatever they were

    the software sucked holy shit

    I had a Motorola V600 at the time and that was the worst phone I've ever owned

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    Skipping the RAZR and picking up a Nexus Prime

    Moto really stepped up the their game again with the RAZR chassis just like when the OG Droid launched. IE the original Droid had Glass Screen vs other craps plastic screen, metal body vs other craps plastic, 500mhz cpu, 256mb of ram etc etc blowing everything out of the water at the time.

    Now the RAZRs spec is pretty good but the new Nexus Prime just edges it out
  16. who cares about specs
    does it WORK?
    -hell no
  17. It works better than your Fisher Price phone that only dials Bert.
  18. at least my fisher price phone downloads websites at 4g speeds while you are stuck in the stone ages
    i dont have all day to wait for some 3gs internet connection i got real shit to do
  19. this is the phone I had for over 2 years when I was in college

    I'm still amazed by text messages
  20. Nice manicure rob
  21. yeah my new iphone has 4G so suck it
  22. One of my friends with an iPhone 4 has had it replaced 4 times now, for one issue or another. Built properly to who's standards?

    On the second point, saying how easy it is to remove the battery isn't an argument against removable batteries. I'm also talking about the RAZR one not being removable. Does it use the same two screws?
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    Yeah, also going to be getting the Galaxy Nexus instead, better screen specs, and 4.0, which seems to be improved in a lot of ways. I'm sure the Motorola feels a lot more solid though, never been crazy about Samsung's built quality, even before smartphones.
  24. has motorola ever built a good phone other than the original startac?
    someone close this thread

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