The motorsport homologation specials thread!

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  1. depends what mini
  2. for me that is a very dodgy list. But I am willing to realise this is all about opinion so don't want to course a bun fight.

    The Porsche 911 GT1 ruined GT1 series along with CLK GT1. The rules were to lax and they were more Group C cars.

    I worked with a number of people that engineered the RS200 and they said it was a dreadful car. It was maybe no co-incidence that it was built in the three wheel car factory at Reliant.

    For my own recommendations would be to put forward the Lotus XI and 23. The Lotus 23 was the car that got banned from Le Mans because it was in danger of winning against the 1962 Ferrari 250GTO with far less power.
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    The Lotus 11 is an interesting car. It was banned? It's hard to imagine this being in the production sports car catagory.

    We got some nice examples up on supercars:
  4. Here's a couple more I haven't seen posted yet.
  5. those are some of the most amazing pics i've ever seen, got hi-res?
  6. it was in a magazine, i would have bought it... but, there were only like 4 pictures from the photoshoot... pretty sad.
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    No, but here's a link to the article the pics are from. Both the silver and black one are owned by a dentist in california.
  8. What about the MC12, the Nissan R390, or the Dauer 962?
  9. Some Delta S4 i havent seen posted.

    Not my pics, found them a while back on some site, so credit goes to whoever took them
  10. wow, thats in the US too, uber rare.
  11. it was Concorso 2003, no ?
  12. it was Concorso 2003, no ?
    I think that it's me with pet.
  13. Concorso Italiano 2003, no ?
    I think that it's me with blaxk cap.
  14. i wish my remaining brain cells could remind me what the page said <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. ......... because, I think it's me with black cap and white T-shirt on this pic.
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  17. abarth stradale!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Group B omologation cars (lancia 037, ford rs200, metro 6r4..)at Imperial Palace Auto Collection..

    Please post all your pictures!
  19. Old School Skyline:

    1987 Nissan Skyline GTS-R
    There were 800 of these vehicles produced in the Dark Blue colur.

    Engine: RB20DET-R, 2,029cc, 6-Cylinder in-line DOHC 24VALVE
    Bore x Stroke: 78.55 x 69.7mm
    Performance: Max.Power: 400PS/7,200rpm
    Max.torque: 42.0kg-m/6,000rpm,
    Weight: 1,180kg
    Dimensions: Overall length x width x height: 4,660 x 1,690 x 1,325mm
    Wheelbase: 2,615mm, Tracks: Front 1,469mm, Rear 1,465mm
    Transmission: 5-speed, Manual, Floorshift

    Clip from wikipedia
    "The ultimate version of these motors was the RB20DET-R Group A homologation motor, found in the HR31 Skyline GTS-R (800 units built), which incorporated a much larger turbocharger on a stainless steel exhaust manifold, as well as a much larger front mounted intercooler boosting power to 210 ps (racing versions made 460 hp in Group A trim)."

    Couple pics of the street version, japanese race version and the ones they raced here in Australia
  20. Some higher res pics i took at QLD raceway of the Gibson Motorsport HR31s
  21. No the TWR XJ220 also had a one make series where a number of cars were invitation races. The cars sold to the public were cars left over from the race series that were rebuilt as TWR XJ220
  22. Quote from BenFenner
    I see that no one has posted the Mazda 323 GTX yet.
    I like the factory badge on the side that says "16v DOHC AWD Turbo" on some models. I've seen others with "FULL TIME AWD" as well.
    Sorry the pictures are of low resolution. =(
    The car was used to homologate the race car for Group A rally in the late 80's through the early 90's I think, but I'm not 100% sure.

    No i dont think the GTX was a homologation model, id be more inclined to believe the BP famila/323 GTR and GT-AE are homologation models having a build of 5000 each whereas numerous GTX models, some in sedan form, were made between 1989 and 1993. The 1986 1600 dohc turbo 4wd BFMR, one of original 4wd rally legends is also a homologation special. No body has mentioned mitsubishi evolutions as being homologation specials. I know the newer models are not, but atleast the first 3 or 4 evolutions being built to 5000 units are.

  23. uber rare....oh boy
  24. Other Group B roadcars at Imperial Palace Auto Collection..

    BlackHawk collection.
  25. Blackhawk collection

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