The motorsport homologation specials thread!

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  1. i don't know if they did.
  2. pure sex
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  4. The GTS Pagani and the Pagani Zonda C12 s Monza
  5. That is badass.
  6. During Fia GT testing in Monza this year:
  7. Yeah I searched fot that car
  8. Well this one's quite obvious<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  9. Theyr'e gonna race Zondas in FIA GT now? a Czech team as I see...
  10. I'm not really on top of all Zonda developments, but it looks like it, yeah
  11. the road going version had 210ps, not 400
  12. hate the blue>
  13. The GT1 class Zonda race car is called the Zonda GR.

    Here's the story on it.

    Pagani commissioned successful sports racing outfit Carsport America to develop and race the car. Considering the competition it was up against (Corvette C5-Rs, and Prodrive Ferrari 550s, it was an uphill battle from the very start. But development began on the racer as Carsport essentially converted a Zonda road car into a homologated GT1 class race car. It was a slow process though as many parts needed to make it a competitive race car were simply not available. The biggest problem came from AMG. Carsport needed the race spec version of the Zonda's V12 (The same one used in the CLK-GTR race cars), but AMG would not allow them to get the engines, so they went on developing the car as much as they could, but without that engine, the car really just didn't have the heart it needed to be competitive. From that point, it raced a few times, but never had any success.

    However, the race-spec engine is now being installed on the upcoming Zonda R track car, so I see this as a possible new lease on life for the Zonda GR. I still think the competition will be far too much to overcome for the GR.
  14. well, so far the car has only been present at testdays
    so at Monza & at Spa
    that's it
    not a single race
    also because they can't keep up
  15. LOL, the Koenigscrap is not eligible for any racing series in the World
  16. oh shiet
  17. the group b maxi turbo's base car....this ones for sale too!!!
  18. Nothing says I don't have the slightest clue of what an homologation special is like a post like this
  19. meant for what did you see today?
  20. sorry, I post on the wrong thread
  21. I found one.

    Fiat Ritmo abarth 130TC.
  22. im not sure that was a homologation model, this, the 105TC and the 125TC were just hot hatches to rival the golf GTI.

    although im not 100%
  23. Year. I was reading about it after posting it (clever by the way) and now im not so sure anymore my self. Could anybody confirm this as a homologation special?
  24. The Dauer 962 LM, built to homologate the Porsche 962.

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