The Mustang Died Today

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Zoomy3, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Sigh. R.I.P.

    Wouldn't shift up from third (auto trans) so I had it looked at and worst fears confirmed: new tranny needed. At this point the car is not worth the effort. We had a good run. Anybody interested? Gorgeous paint, Flowmasters exhaust, new brakes, runs great otherwise.

  2. cant you get a new tranny for like tree fiddy? those cars are everywhere and such. Lotsa people have heavy modded ones too, so id assume quite a few auto trannies laying around.
  3. I'm waiting on a quote and will keep my eyes and ears open but with all the money it's going to need in the next few years (plus less-than-excellent mpg) it's worth it to start building credit with something new.
  4. Id keep it as a spare. it wont bring much $$$ to sell, so why not keep it as a spare n work on the trans when u have some $$$?

    unless youre in a pretty bad financial situation..
  5. At least add a pint of brake fluid to the the trans and beat the snot out of it a few last times.
  6. 460/C6/Foxbody or no car.
  7. omg it's zoomy!
  9. how much and where are you?
  10. I would put a 5 speed manuel tranny in it.
  12. Option 1: Remanufactured unit, 3-year 100k mile warranty, $2,495
    Option 2: Rebuild current unit, 1-year 12k mile warranty, $1,999
    Option 3: Get a used unit, 90-day parts only warranty, $1,400
    Option 4: Nurse it back to my driveway and figure out what to do while I lease a new car

    I just graduated from college, man, Option 4 looks better and better.

    V8Z: I'm in Long Beach, CA
  13. how much you want for it?
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    $1400 for a used transmission? wtf m8

    Go to and search your area.
    Prices I saw were $200-1100
  16. Find
  17. They are a little high but prices also include labor and installation which obviously drive it up.
  18. Option #5
  19. $1,400 for a used trans? The installation on that car would be a piece of cake.

  20. Go to pick n pull and pay like $50. Foxbody shit is cheap.
  21. Do it yoself, have fun doing it and learn how to do something.
  22. I want ure 5.slow...

    Whats the mileage n other info on it!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    If all it needs is a new trans. and the engine runs okay, mileage is acceptable, etc..

    Im so down, to buy it soooonnn!!
  23. 9 sec. stang
  24. Full interior
  25. Engine runs perfectly, starter was recently replaced, and just bought new front tires. Interior looks great, leather in good condition, convertible top only a few years old (though motor is slow).

    When I bought it the seller claimed 50,000 miles but I always suspected it was 150,000 because there's no room for the hundred-thousand digit. Going by that, the car now has 220,000.

    Everything else on the car works very well. Anything else you'd like to know?

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