The Mustang Died Today

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Zoomy3, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. There's no room for the hundred-thousand digit??
  2. It's just a 6-digit odo with one being the tenths place (xxxxx.x miles) so, 99,999 and then it rolls back over to zero.
  3. Yeah lemme see, list any other problems it has or may potentially have... BE honest please, I can live with it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I want to buy it, as soon as I get some more cash <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  4. Ummm, well the left fog light is broken but can be easily replaced, I just never got around to it. Car was scraped pretty hard on the left side just ahead of the front wheel, that'll need work to clean up. That scrape also took out the left side-view mirror but I replaced it.

    There are no operational problems, sans transmission.

    Really it's a great car, which is why it's pretty hard on me to have to consider giving it up. If I think of anything else that you'd need to know I'll be sure to post it.
  5. Thanks I wanna buy your mustang. I wish it was lighter though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  6. Waaaittt , this is a 5.0 right? lol. sorry for the late realization, but no where in this thread did I see it was a v8...

    Also is it a GT or regular?
  7. Wait - you were going to buy a v6 mustang, and now you're put off since it's a v8?
  8. Yous is backwardses.

    I'm taking it that he wanted to make sure it was a 5.0 before continuing his investigation.

    Then again, it IS Remington.
  9. wtf, who designed that.

    A VIN history should be able to tell you if it's that high in mileage, unless the last owner had it from new or something.
  10. This is a holdover from earlier times when American cars were not designed to last more than 99,999 miles.
  11. Except for that fact that they would last hundreds of thousands of miles anyway? Hell, my 92 Exploder has like 220 or 230 on it now. That's with a buddy of mine beating it before me, me beating it, and now my other buddy beating on it.
  12. I was making loljokes about build quality of American cars.

    Honestly, I have no idea who thought these were a good idea. And I thought the the million-mile odometer became standard sometime in the early 80s.
  13. I may have used a bad choice of wording to get my point across.

    No. I wanted to be sure its a v8 and not a v6...

    Just in case I drive down there, I dont wanna be disappointed. I want a 5.0, not a v6...
  14. Yeah, sorry. I dunno, I guess it came out sounded confusing..
  15. Or 2.3 4cyl.
  16. I want SVO.
  17. Yezzir, 5.0 V8. GT
  18. Imma let you know next week man. Im off to Havasu for a couple of days...

  19. GOOD. you were polluting our plaet with ur shitty amerikan car yuo ignorant amerikan mother%@$#er.
  20. suck my Pudzianowski
  21. The mighty AOD bit the dust? Poor thing, but they are everywhere from what I remember, same gen Thunderbirds had em right?
  22. Shit, my 92 Explorer had one that wrapped at 99K! That's why I thought it had 7xK miles when I got it. Only after I sold it to my friend (with 10xK miles) did I discover while reading through the service records in his room that it was really 100K more than that! It made a lot more sense that certain parts were hella worn on the interior and such after I figured that out...
  23. They had a 2.3 4 cyl, a v6 and v8 is this correct??

    Also what do GT convertibles generally weigh? Lastly, how light are hatch and Notchback LX 5.0s??

    My friend says his car weighed under 3150lbs and now he has done more weight reduction to it.. its a 89 LX I believe...

  24. ALmost have the money!
  25. Fox body cars only had six cyl engines 86 and before. My 89 LX 2.3L weighs around 2800-2900lbs.

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