The new 7-series

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by HeyHuub, Jul 3, 2008.

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  2. The headlights ruin it
  3. Slightly better than the previous 7.
  4. Looks like it was left out in the hot southeast Asian sun for too long.

  5. Looks like I'd still rather the Merc, Lexus, Jag, & Audi.
  6. OH HI 2001!
  7. Looks Korean.
  8. That front is terribad.
  9. omg it's even uglier than the current one, how is that possible? peace of shit
  10. HAHAHA - a bad joke on 4 wheels...
    They should fire Chris Bangle!

    So, nothing to be afraid of Maserati, Audi and Mercedes.
  11. Lexus please, but, it could be worse
  12. how?

    The interior is pretty hot though.
  13. Didnt the mules look aggressive ( low and sleek ) ? What happened ?
  14. FFS BMW! Quit ruining shit.
  15. man, I like my BMWs. Yup that includes most current models, but this??? It looks bland from the outside
  16. S.O.S.F.B. (Save our souls from Bangle)
  17. Front is nice. Wheelbase is too long . Rear isnt BMW.
  18. I'll reserve judgment until I see it in person.
  19. BTW , that dash isnt new ...looks so similar to the current BMWs.
  20. Too much Lexus GS, very bland for a BMW I must say.
  21. I'm a beemer fanboy so ill usually defend anything with the BMW badge, but WWWTTTFFF
  22. that rear is straight off the LS.
  23. I have to agree - I was a big critic of Bangle's work when the last 7 came out ... but it (at least) looked new. THIS looks like it should have come out between the "Transporter" 740i and the "Bangle-butt" 745.

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