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  1. Most of us like this car. For me it is the ONE I have been waiting for. The only problem is the weight, hopefully D/C will be able to loose some on the LY platform the challenger will be built on.

    That being said, at the current time it sounds like the Shelby GT-500 sounds like a better bang for your buck car. (Us american car fans, always looking for the best deal.) Thats all good, until I found rumours that the 6.1L will NOT be the SRT-8 Challenger. The rumours are that will be reserved for the 6.4L hemi. Right now the 6.4L is in its race only form as a crate engine producing 510 HP and 510 lb/ft of torque.

    I hope this rumour is true.
    Edit: Hot rod magazine put the 6.4L hemi on the Dyno, it ran 562-hp @ 6400 and 508-tq @ 5400. Of course this is a race engine. I wonder if a detuned 500 HP street version is possible.
  2. The Challenger is a slick idea with a lot of potential
    I saw a 2005 Stage 3 Roush Mustang at the dragstrip and was unimpressed(understaement)
  3. What time did it run?
  4. best was a 13 something, a few 14s, and a 16.8
    if I can find the video I'll record them with my digi cam of of a tv screen
    dunno how bad that's going to turn out though
  5. Haha, the challenger will not loose weight, don't kid yourself.
  6. I ran an '04 Stage 2 a few months ago and was not impressed.
  7. the rear end needs a redesign, it looks aged already
  8. stage 2's are stock with suspension mods
  9. ah, well that might explain it then.
  10. maybe the hemi will replace the V10 in the viper
  11. no.
  12. maybe they'll make a hemi v10!
  13. That would be cool. Replacing the Viper V10 with a V8 wouldn't work though. Keep in mind it's suppsoed to be an exclusive, expensive car... If it had a V8 why pay more than for a vette? It would lose it's exotic appeal.
  14. i agree, a giant displacement v10 is what makes the viper the viper. they do it to be different, not because they cant use something else.
  15. ZOMG an SRT/12. :p
  16. The Viper's V10 is a "hemi"
  17. The Viper's V10 is a "hemi"
  18. The Viper's V10 is a "hemi"
  19. no it isnt.
  20. I've always heard the Viper's V10 has hemispherical combustion chambers, and I'll continue to believe this until shown otherwise.
  21. The heads are wedge-shaped.
  22. Wedge shaped heads were Chryslers publicity scheme tpye engines before the Hemi(well at least before the 426 in the early to mid 60s)... As in the "Max Wedge" engines, which were the most hardcore, most powerful engines they made before the 426 Hemi came out.
  23. New Age HEMI`s are different comparing them to the old ones, also we all know that the viper`s engine has a trmendous potential even higher than the LS7 , but Dodge made something good just adding 500 or 505 hp to the Viper , It was enough to beat the vette , (why to start the HP war so early) now that the vette has reached the 500hp , the 2008 viper will come out with the same engine but just with some extra balls and less weight.
  24. That is true... IIRC the new Hemis are actually only "Semi-Hemis", they don't have fully hemispherical combustion chambers. But they're Hemi enough to call them Hemis and sell them to people who don't know any better. Not that it really matters. The LS V8s don't have Hemi heads and they seem to do just fine... Same with many, many other awesome engines.
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