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  1. I expect that at least some of you saw the new commercial for the Dodge Magnum, where the magnum beats this exotic light sports car on an open road, while also carrying a heavy load in the back ....

    1. How is the magnum anyway ? is it as good as they say, or is it just marketing at its best talking here ? If it is good, I say it should be on this site.

    2. Does anybody recognize the car that the magnum was up against, I looked for it all over the place, but couldn't identify it, if anybody knows sure, please tell me ... looks much like a lambo, but has certain features that look differently ... anyway, it's a nice car, and I think it should be included as well.

    Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. ive seen it:

    1) i dont know how good it really is

    2) im pretty sure its a lotus with a kit on it made just for the commercial. its like an esprit diablo mix
  3. It's a Lotus Esprit the Exotic.

    Depending on how old it is, the Magnum would not really stand to well against it. The Esprit is over 25 years old, if it was an older model (first year they introduced the huge wing) then the Magnum might've stood a chance in real life.

    The Esprit is a very fast and nimble car however, but the Magnum probably isn't as good as they are making it seem.
  4. It's a Pontiac Fiero with a bodykit.
  5. But it has a Hemi (wedgie) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. The commercial was obviously meant in jest. Even w/o the gear in back, the Magnum wouldn't stand a chance against an Esprit on a winding road. The pristine nature of the stuff in back (none of which appeared to have been tied down) should be a tip off. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    Think it was more of a commentary on how much better the Magnum is in terms of handling, when you think about the boat-like wagons that Dodge used to make decades ago.
  7. No, it's a kit car of some sort.
  8. 1. They are great! I haven't driven the Hemi one, but I have driven one with the 3.5 and it was great. No 5 Series wagon, but for the money its a great package.

    2. It's a kit car of some sort.
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  10. Ive driven about 5 or 6 different Magnum (hemi's) on a twisty road course, it was a snappy car with good accel for its size but the 300C to me handled better especially when it came to bodyroll in fast left right transitions.
  11. the Magnum is no esprit but with the 340bhp 5.7L HEMI it's a rocket of it's own right.

  12. Some people just don't get it, advertising is advertising, so you think that was an actual driving footage of a laden Magnum and an exotic sports car? You probably believe in televangelists being the voice of Jeesus and That Bush is looking out for your best interests!!! Just kidding..I own a RT Magnum and you know what it is? It's a heck of a fast car for it's size, She handles and looks great and is built tight and solid with a lot of super features. But really, to compare it to exotic sports cars is apples and oranges. But you know what? for seat of the pants thrills and speed with cargo area, bells and whistles and toys, with the Hemi that runs on 4 cylinders at cruise, It is a definite blast. Exotic styling? It won't get confused with those certain clone style Lexus, Acuras and yes even Mercedes wagon styles, but pretty much stands alone there. Scuse me I gotta go for a drive.....
  13. It's just a commercial, if they wanted to, they could've made the other car an Enzo and they still would've had it been beaten by the magnum. The magnum is good for its price, but not when you look at it as part of the whole performance car spectrum.
  14. Its a dodge comercial, they are all baseless and stupid.
  15. Lately they have been, my buddy's dad is an executive at Dodge in the Marketing department and he and I both agree that a lot of the stuff they've made lately could have been better. They used to be the best though! In 1997, when Dodge used Edward Herman as their spokesman, they were the best car ads on TV! Damn screen actors guild strike!
  16. Its old man, the best commercial was the one " That thing got a Hemi"

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