The new Honda Accord Coupe

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    The upcoming Honda Accord sedan has already made a few public appearances in the buff, but its two-door sibling hasn't been caught in the same compromising position – until now. Although previous mules have been spotted sporting artfully applied camo, these newest shots finally give us the full Monty, with only the badges being obscured by color-matched tape.

    Compared to the concept that debuted in Detroit, the blocky front end has dispatched the hard angles for a much more curvaceous clip, with deeply contoured fog lamp recesses and a smoothed out lower air dam to feed the radiator. Out back, the lines are somewhat reminiscent of the shooter's Civic Si coupe, coupled with a set of taillights that hint at the last generation Audi A4. The interior is on par with the shots we've seen recently of the sedan, with a three-spoke wheel and nicely bolstered thrones.

    You can view all the pics by checking out the gallery below, and comparing it to its concept counterpart.

    Top tippage Guy!

    [Source: The Car Lounge]
  2. Like the front 2/3's. The back 1/3 needs work.
  3. Im kinda mixed on the slash on the side. I hate how new cars have these smooth as hell bland doors, and it does look kinda oldschool but I dunno!
  4. reminds me of the 6 series <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  5. How so? I don't get that at all. It's more like a Sonata on 'roids
  6. it's trying pretty hard to look like a BMW but i like it
  7. Looks better than the old accords, but the rear end still sucks.
  8. terrible. I like the current Accord coupe. Better yet, the 90s one.
  9. back needs much work.. tho I have a feeling this is 95% what it will look like.. the other 5% changes will occur inside.
  11. Very nice. I see some mazda 6 in there too
  12. Nasty. The current Accord is miles better looking. And the rear end look like a G6. Way to round for my liking, old much better imao.
  13. This is still the best looking Accord
  14. Not too bad!
  15. don't like the camry headlights.
  16. Reminds me of a Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC400 only shorter.
  17. The front head lights look way over done.
  18. you like the plastic shit on doors? see 97 garnd am se
  19. The Grand Ams looked awesome. Shutup.
  20. meh. looks like a toyota in the front.

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