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  1. Old thread is going to explode, as demonstrated by 84Fordmans 5x post, followed by his 2x post.
  2. great start to a new thread!
  3. I opened each pic 4 times from different posts.
  4. I'll ask in here as well.

    anyone know where to get a header for a 2003 Mazda speed protege with a 2.0L turbocharged engine?
  5. Aftermarket header or factory manifold?
  6. Aftermarket:
    - Does not seem to exist. The usual Mazda suspects (Corksport and AutoEXE) have down pipes and exhaust systems, but no turbo manifolds.

    - Street Unit wants $1,500 for a brand new one
    - Royal Auto Recycling in Winnepeg lists a used one with no price
    - Ontario Auto Salvage in Oakville lists a used one with no price
  7. Another 10lb driver weight loss mod, added onto my previous 15lb mod.
  8. Tint and redded tails.
  9. Tint and redded tails.
  10. what does the plate mean?
  11. A nickname given to me by a fellow manager. It stuck and everybody calls me that,.even members of O'Reilly's executive committee. My name is Ed and I am a supercarsnetaholic.
  12. BOSS 338s in 20x8.5 and 20x10 with 245/40 and 275/40 BFG G Force Sport Comp 2s. Ride is great, and the turn-in is crisper than the stock Pirellis, plus loads more grip. Since it isn't a race car, but more of a cruiser, I wasn't worried to much about the loss of a couple thousandths of a second in accelleration... And the speedo is spot on now (it actually read a bit high with the stockers). I wanted a modern take on a retro design, much like the car itself is.

    Next up is the CDC Shaker hood scoop this weekend and possibly the '70 BOSS 302 style stripes.
  13. Oh, other new mods include the CDC front spoiler, rear blackout panel, sequential taillights, Pypes exhaust, and J&M upper and lower rear control arms with poly bushings.
  14. Only if it were a V6 then Stangman would be happy.
  15. guy is looking for aftermarket. much appreciated for the help fordman.
  16. I like that front spoiler. Dont do the boss stripe!
  17. Stang is looking good.

    I guess I put my summers on a bit early. Oh well.
  18. It's about 7 inches from the sun here. What #$%#ed up place do you live?
  19. he lives in Calgary.
  20. And now it's like +15C here. This city's weather is so random.
  21. Ok, did the scary thing and cut a hole in my hood for the shaker scoop/CAI setup. Love watching it shake when I hit the throttle. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  22. I think you should matte the skirts and spoiler. The scoop and front lip look a bit out of place right now.
  23. I'm not down with esthetic scoops even though I love Mustangs!

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