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  1. We don't get those in Canada. Tell me more!
  2. It's a small French hatchback.
  3. Dude, they made them here.

    I had an NZ built 405
  4. as numbers said: 6 speed, 2 litres, 3 doors. nice engine - especially up above 4k & the chassie is mucho fun through the bends.

    has french attention to detail when it comes to trim & electrics though lol
  5. typically French comfy seats though, I bet.
  6. Do the electric windows work without the key when the doors are open?
  7. so its awesome
  8. Installed my fake Mugen pedals tonight. Will test tomorrow. Hopefully no more slipping when my shoes are wet!

    edit: also I removed the cruise control controls on the steering wheel, hated the look. The steering wheel should be for steering, nothing else!
  9. New red/clear led tails, type R head lights, and type R rims! Not bad for 2 days work.
  10. Are you going to put a Honda badge on the back of it?

    Looks a lot better now
  11. windotints.jpg
    looks much cleaner
  12. Yea, I just gotta find an oem badge in town. All the knockoff ones on ebay look terrible, you really get what you pay for when it comes to badges. I picked up an oem Integra badge for the rear, I'll stick it on when I get the red H as well.

    Edit: No Type R badges/stickers though
  13. 163hp lot of punch and prolly the best handling oldschool hothatch ever made

    I love that car
  14. not a mod, but went up to road 129 (tail of the dragon) last weekend, had a lot of fun, here are some pics.
  15. looks like fun!
  16. How is that thing in the bends?

    Also, does that say:

    200 turbo

    2.00 turbo

  17. 200turbo, dat kdm bra

    It actually did really well, i was surprised. still noticeable that it's heavier car when you start throwing it side to side
    what i learned is that it likes to understeer a bit, and i definitely needs bigger brakes
  18. I like the 3rd pic the most.

    Is this one of those places that has people just hanging out taking pics of all the cars every day?
  19. Yeah, two photographers setup shop every day to snap photos on the major turns.

    Most of them shoot on full auto, so photos lack realistic movement and fluidity.
  20. This showed up on my door stop today.
  21. yeah the cars just look parked in some shots.

    it annoys me when i see people with thousands of pounds/dollars worth of gear with everything on auto. may as well use an iphone.
  22. Snag some GS V8 front calipers/rotors or Equus front calipers/rotors before it starts really catching on and the price of them go up.

    Flipside of that, you could wait for it to catch on and hope for the price on OEM used Brembos to fall out.
  23. thanks bro, 5th is probably my fav

    the pictures are kind of meh
  24. wish i could make it this weekend with the rest of the genesis group

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