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Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by PoWeReD By NoS, May 2, 2012.

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  8. Retrofitted LED? If it is, and the same guy I am thinking of,he does beautiful work on NSX and SVX taillights
  9. rear-view auto dimming mirror and red LED lighting (both oem)
  10. What's the difference?
  11. One of mine leaks. Just bought repalcements.
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    The K20A from Japan is the new B16B, a hell of a lot more expensive for not a huge bump in power output. Stick with your motor, you have the type s so it probably has the K20A2. If you are already worried about torque or lack thereof, don't even waste money and time on a supercharger. The best you'll get with a Comptech or Jackson Racing supercharger will be a lot less than that of a turbo equivalent. It may be more expensive in the short term, but the response and powerband smoothness are well worth it from what I hear. Being a VTEC motor, you already lack low end, the way these motors take to superchargers even with great ECU tunes, increases that top to low end powerband differential. These motors respond best to boost even in small numbers (8-10psi). Keep in mind that with something like Hondata the VTEC solenoid can be constantly played with once you get whatever kit you want on the car. VTEC engagement can be brought lower with software alone, so instead of your current 5800rpm you can have a nicer crossover a thousand or so rpm earlier to bring whatever boost on. Anyways, do your research and find what suits your desired power output best in terms of cost and output gain. I'd recommend going on and takin a look at some threads, ask around, lots of guys know their shit better than I do there.
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    Alot of your information is vague at best and whilst generic information is true alot of it has changed since generic times. And don't ever recommend HT to anyone, ever. LOL.

    As for superchargers being less equivilent, $$ wise yes, but if what you want is a RELIABLE cheaper setup you can keep winding boost into, a S/c is fine. Not everyone wants a turbro monster.

    But then again wtf would I know, right?
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    Whatever the end route is, it certainly won't be naturally aspirated. I definitely want the vtec engagement to be a lot sooner, but I'll worry about that once forced induction is mixed in.

    Got a new duracon knob off ebay, loving it. Can't believe how big of a difference it makes, my shifting feels like butter now. I also managed to get both of my door locks working properly.

    This is all I can say about this install:
  15. Hey eb110, question for you. Have you driven a RSX/DC5 Integra before? Is the steering wheel basically the same as the S2000's? I can't stand this wheel, I don't mind the look of it but it's just way too thick.I feel like I am pulling the wheel with just my thumbs. I was thinking about swapping in an AP1 wheel, but I fear it could pretty much be the exact same thing...
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    He has an rsx-s? I thought its the base rsx. If its an rsx s then theres no point in doing the engine swap, its basically the same engine with different cams and ecu maps.
  17. Yea, Type S
  18. the interior design isn't that bad for what it is but 1997 is 1997 no escaping that. buy one.
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    Don't even bother with the K20A, your K20A2/K20Z1 (not sure which you have, depends on year) will be fine. With a good header+exhaust and intake setup, combined with a good tune you can reach the same numbers as a K20A. For us in Canada, that's really a silly swap for the money as it wouldn't be easy to find either. As for boost, I'd say stay away from superchargers if you want smooth bolt on performance. The K20 responds very well to boost but much better in the form of turbos. Supercharging this already peaky engine doesn't turn out well from what I have seen and read. You'll be able to run stock internals on 8-12psi depending on your setup and 300hp is easy to reach. Do your research, I'd reccommend checking out if you haven't already. Oh yeah, Hondata Kpro is your best bet for ECU, $1000 but it's very widely used and it's the best software for that engine.
  20. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna let the dealer put up with that headache - if I ever decide to get the locks fixed.
  21. The first door took me 5 or so hours to do, with next to no breaks. The second door only took me an hour since I knew what I was doing that time. I bet if I did it again it would be a 30 minutes job.

    Is it worth it?

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    Yep, definitely new to the Honda game. Slowly learning the K series lingo. It's an '02 Type S, so whatever K motor that came with. All I know is that I want boost.

    boost boost boost
  23. Wow this thread is fUcked, I couldn't get to this page for a while so I posted basically the same thing just worded differently lol. Hey eb110 you're not being a pompous dick at all! Rather than being a dick and telling me my information is generic, which I do realize it is, how about you impart some of the knowledge you've gained in tuning your own car?! I know the F series is a different beast. If you'd have focused more on I dunno, maybe helping powered by nos out rather than calling me out I think we could have had some good info for him to use by now. I'd be stupid to say I know more than you about tuning these engines, just don't try to stomp me out like you did before. As for honda tech, yes there are idiots on there as there are on any forum, there's also a lot of in depth builds and useful advice on there too. When I get to piecing my car together I will have builds from that site to aid me in getting a nice parts list sorted, so don't disregard it entirely.
  24. Snapped some pics at the park today. New shift knob is pictured. Also, ran into this little fellow:
  25. Your knob needs reverse.

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