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  1. Better than my old Nismo knob in my 240, that didn't even have gears <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. Knob Expertâ„¢
  3. I have never understood why gear knobs have the gear numbers on them
    If you have a dogleg box, you are going to know you have a dogleg box
  4. After my car's major service I can hit maximum boost for the first time since I've owned it. Not really a mod, but whatever. It has a custom ECU so I guess being able to use it could be a mod.

    Feels good man.

    Torque steer is kinda crazy though, and there's no grip in the wet.
  5. you bring your honda civic to the dealer? lol
    pretty foreign and tricky car to work on, the honda civic,,
  6. I wouldn't blame him if he did, that job is a real pain assuming it is anything like my car
  7. You think I want to deal with all the clips and connectors and all the other bullshit that hold the interior and the door together? #$%# that. My coworker was convinced he could just remove my radio when I was having problems with the anti-theft code. He was sure there were holes you could stick a special key into to pull the radio out. That is, until he saw the center stack and realized there's not a hole or exposed fastener anywhere on the damn thing.
  8. Very interested in this rear diff cover/skid plate combo for my truck. This is the first one built, and they are going up for sale next week on an order to order basis. Same local fab shop that made my bigger front tow mounts, and 2" lift shackles (not installed).

  9. Looks intense/like a video game steering wheel
  10. raced an E46 M3 the other day, from a rolling start of about 40km/h, to about 130km/h. VL = win!! By about half a bonnet length until he backed off the pedal.
  11. My minivan is ready for the winter, and another wash.
  12. Saving up for these.
  13. twin turbo?
  14. Your summer wheels. Give them to me.
  15. Haha that Honda would corner like it's on rails! These winters are comfortable too compared to the low profile stickers. Except when some asshole merged into my lane tonight and I had to swerve onto the shoulder, it has the responsiveness of a bus... comparatively. I'm excited for snow though.
  16. Bridgestone what you got? I'm trying the General Altimax Artic this winter, can't wait to see how they hold. Legacy is still on Toyo GaritKX
  17. I figure if I can get through winter in a lowered 240 with so so winter tires, I can survive in just about anything. The RSX came with a pair of Nokkian Happakelitta's (sp) or something like that. Doing great so far!

    However, I just had to order a new throttle pressure sensor. Honda won't sell it separate from the throttle body, so I had to go aftermarket. The sensor basically becomes loose from engine vibrations. The problem has been sped up by having some weak motor mounts. I just ordered a Hasport rear mount, should stop future problems.
  18. You mean throttle position sensor? Or is that what they call it? Those snows are really good from what I hear, nice mount too. Howcome you didn't get a full set, cost?
  19. Err, yea. Throttle position sensor. It would turn out that the one I am after, made by Omni, is no longer taking orders on them! They could very well be discountinued now... I don't know if I want to run the risk of some cheap $30 one on ebay and having it not work.

    The mounts are costly. With shipping it's costing almost 150 canadian for the one, and I wouldn't be surprised if UPS charges me even more by the time it gets to the door. If I were doing a motor swap, I'd buy the set like I did for my 240. The way it is now, I'd rather not pay the labor charges to swap it all out if all I really need right now is the rear. I've even heard of the rear mounts getting bad enough that they slap the headers into the chasis when shifting. Yikes! Right now I can feel the motor shifting for sure when I shift, and even when I start the car it makes an abrupt movement. The broken TPS makes me want to get the new mount on quick, before anything else gets damaged due to vibrations.
  20. how many km's has your car done?
  21. Yup the blizzaks
  22. Yup the blizzaks
  23. roughly 170k km's, if you were asking me

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