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  1. I was just thinking about the motor mount thing but 170k is a fair amount so it makes sense that it needs replacing - things do wear out afterall! If it was quite a low number I'd be worried that the previous owner had shagged it but I guess that isn't necessarily the case here.
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  3. loled at bmw telling me i needed runflats yesterday at $420 a pop
    looking forward to getting rid of all 4 of them in a few weeks and getting something good
  4. is this thread closed
  5. wait you have a bmw?
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    thanks, I was looking into that one as well. From what I've read it has a silicone layer under the billet cover, to help reduce vibrations. Considering it's so costly (compared to Omni), and my car hasn't really acted up much yet, I may hold off on it for now. Once I install the new hasport mount, I'll see if that maybe stops the problem entirely.

    I ordered a 62A street one. I was going to order 70A, but after doing some research, a guy from hasport was saying that the 70A will rattle more and 62's don't lose their shape unlike the Innovative mounts. Of course he may be biased, and ultimately the prices are the same no matter what hardness you want, but given that there is no race track here at least for a few more years, I think the street one will do me fine. Worst case scenario, a track gets built here and the mount isn't stiff enough, then I sell it and order a stiffer one (when I actually have money haha), or a whole new set of the 72's.
  7. it might as well be lol
  8. Someone start a new one
  9. still got the showroom dunlaps on mine. snow here is never that intense so i'm already used to driving in it with lo-pros from the protege
  10. Sizes?
  11. 205/45 17 off the top of my head
    i have contacts
    might get some sweet michelins
  12. Yeah decent, those are good mounts. I have a friend with the swap mounts in an 04 coupe with a K20A2, he loves them. No tracks at all? Man I'm lucky here near TO. Mosport, Calabogie, Shannonville, Cayuga and some others.
  13. Assembled the front suspension components and now waiting for the RSM's to arrive to get the rears done.
  14. Get some Federal 595 RS-R tyres. Quite cheap for their performance. They are the wet weather tyre for Targa NZ.

    215/40/17 is the only downside
  15. These tires are holding up pretty well so far this winter. The car does on occasion feel like it is hydroplaning in thicker, and slicker snow but only for brief moments. I attribute this more to fwd than anything. Speaking of which, it also at times tends to fish tail a bit on some icier surfaces, to my surprise.

    Also, The Hasport mount just came in. It's shiny.
  16. did some cosmetic stuff on the gto recently. i painted the fuel rail covers because the paint was starting to chip, and they were just dingy and gross in general. i did a decent job, but the masking tape i used caused the paint to bleed in a lot of spots, so up close they do let the engine bay down a bit. i was trying to get fancy doing a silver base coat, black for inlays, a red stripe around the base, topped off with red lettering on the GTO emblem. i'll give it another go when i get some better masking and it should turn out really cool.

    also installed a new headlight enclosure and fog light enclosure for the driver side of the gto because they were yellowing so bad that no amount of store bought polish/compound could turn them clear again. finally, a replacement for my positive battery terminal cover that had wiggled loose, rested against the header and melted in a big smelly cloud.

    last thing I really need to do is to pull it off the road in the near future for some mechanical work (one of the reasons I got the jeep in the first place). its having some wicked driveline vibrations and the synchromesh transmission is not really synchroing or meshing too well these days. it'll be getting a rebuilt unit. also, there's big time backlash in the rear. going to upgrad the stock rear ring/pinion from 3.47 to either 3.73, and possibly a new diff while I'm at it.

    on the jeep, i put in a cabin air filter kit. no idea why they have the space for it and the kit exists, but no grand cherokees ever actually came with it. next up will installing my the lift kit for the jeep, and new tires to compliment the lift.
  17. Try 3M Automotive green tape. I use it a lot for my artwork with aerosols and it's pretty rare that I have anything seep under. If I do, it's usually pretty minor and can be scratched off with a knife blade easily.
  18. Rear mount. You are doing it wrong.
  19. the problem is that the thing i'm painting is highly textured, almost like a basketball surface, so there are high spots and low spots. i may have to get creative and use a kind of putty/clay/other substance I can work in and allow it to harden. i have no idea if that's even a thing, but I'm sure as hell not going to work tape into every dimple and divot.
  20. looks like that chair can finally take a bump. now all you need is to set up the back 2 legs like you have the front
  21. You might be able to use an acrylic medium. You can get something called 'acrylic matte (or gloss) medium' at most art supply stores for dirt cheap in small quantities (don't buy it at Micheals). It's essentially just uncolored acrylic paint, so it should bond to most surfaces, you could paint it on, it dries clear, and would be liquid enough to go into the different levels. It would act like the tape, so you could paint over top of it, let that dry and then just peel it all away. I just don't know how perfect you could make the line with it, since you'd need to tape it off anyway.

    OR maybe you could sand down the surface to get rid of the inconsistencies?
  22. Haha, I wish
  23. Another 2.0T bites the dust, boost spike at 31.8 PSI and melts a piston. Stock turbo, canned tune (Which is supposed to be only 19 PSI). This is why I prefer supercharging, while there may still be some creep/spike, it is nowhere near that drastic.

    I've got a friend that will design and fabricate all the brackets and other pieces necessary for the cost of materials. Then it will be off for a tune, the stock Delphi ECU hates boost and Jay @ Seoulful Racing has this one weird trick.
  24. K-Tuned TPS just arrived. I didn't want to spend the extra money on this one, but was left with no choice. Was thinking about picking up a used one but who knows how good of shape it would be in, plus the one I got is the 2nd gen, plug and play version. Will install later.

    Just had the Hasport mount installed, along with a new axle seal. The old mount was torn! Got a look at the old oem mount, and it was hollow. The Hasport isn't, and also looks a whole lot cooler (too bad I can't see it). Anyway, regular shifting doesn't feel too different, but down shifting really does! I also got my remote starter working! woot
  25. I ordered a manual boost controller to possibly replace the stock boost control solenoid. We'll see how that works.

    I also ordered a bunch of silicone washers to eliminate all the interior rattles.

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