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  1. I figured it out. It's lock + home but it saves as a PNG so I can't post it anyway.
  2. Finally got around to installing the Hella Supertones.
  3. killin' the horn game
  4. Lowered it.
    New rear coming soon, NSX-R wing to complete it also (lost) in transit.
  5. Nice. No more S2000?
  6. Sucks about the wing. I'd assume that is a big pain in the ass. Nice car though!
  7. those side skirts are awful tbh
  8. it's green? thats awesome
    could post a few pics?
  10. Look like they came off a Fiero.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of them myself to be honest - they don't flow with the car very well. I'm contemplating upgrading to the OEM 2002+ skirts instead, along with the 2002+ rear lower half bar - so much simpler / cleaner.

    Yes, S2000 is sold. Stripped it to stock to fund buying this car, then sold it to someone in Sydney.

    I don't have that many pictures of the car to be honest. I'll upload some the next time I'm on.
  12. just tell them he sent you!
  13. Can somebody ask Gerry and Colin what they think of the side skirts, please?
  14. green automobiles are awesome. Especially dark green... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  15. love the nsx, apart from the sideskirts and the rimms. they look a bit tacky.
  16. What year is that? Pop up lights or no?
  17. Like a rich Mexican.
  18. Pop ups - 94.
  19. Bought Hawk HPS pads for front and back, as well as a few bottles of Wilwood 570 brake fluid.
  20. There's a good chance the 240 will be sold on the 7th of next month. All I had to do was mention I might be selling it on a local car forum and instantly got responses. That's the nice thing about a car like that, there's always someone who wants to buy it. But it will be a said day when it's gone.

    I'll hopefully be able to do one last photoshoot before then, and post it on here.
  22. Mahnigga
  23. buy a miata plz
  24. Naw. I was considering an S2000 but in reality I can almost justify a truck for storage space but refuse to do so. Hatchbacks are ideal, considering an RSX Type S...

    I have yet to test drive one, I'm currently living in Lethbridge Alberta (only for 2 more months), where everyone drives a truck. I called multiple dealers and no one has an RSX or anything remotely sporty (but plenty of RV's lol!). Next time I head into Calgary to potentially sell the 240, I may visit some dealers.

    Anyone have suggestions?

    If it's a coupe, it MUST have rear seats that fold. A hatchback is ideal. RWD is preferred. MUST have a sunroof, and Air Con. Newer cars preferred, don't wanna deal with old problems again unless they are known to be very good over time. Factory turbo preferred. Ideally under 10k Canadian, as I am currently doing unpaid practicums and I'll only really have the money from selling the 240, and I'll probably get around 6g for it.

    Mazdaspeed 3 is too expensive, same with newer model GTI's. And as far as I know you can't get a sunroof on the Mazdaspeed.

    edit: MUST be manual, no slushboxes or tiptronic crap

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