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  1. what about a 07 or 08 Tiburon? Best looking generation and best equipped.2.7l 6 speed manual. They can be usually had for under 10k CAD especially if willing to purchase in the US.
  2. Never been a fan of it for some reason, couldn't even tell you why. I do like the Genesis though, but they're out of my price range being so new.
  3. The SiR was definitely on my radar for a while, even my brothers, but he ended up buying a WRX. I'd consider it, but it reaaaaally is a shame it didn't come factory with a K20. Same deal with the CRZ (though those are too expensive and don't have back seats).
  4. I mean, I COULD swap a K20 into it, but that's like 5 grand all said and done. And then to get decent power out of it, I'd have to super or turbo charge it, another 5 grand. At elast with an RSX, it already has the good base motor
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    Found a couple:

    Scion tC:

    04 VW R32, close to 200,000 miles though:

    A couple of GTIs:

    Modified 05 GTI with low miles:

    06 GTI, with 122,000 miles:

    07 GTI, with 111,000 miles:

    A few DSM classics:

    91 Stealth R/T, clean, low miles, AWD turbo:

    99 3000GT SL, 73,000 miles, may be non-turbo, but best looking generation:

    91 300ZXTT, 114,000 miles, very clean:
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    G35 coupe would be one hell of a car in that budget and theyre pretty reliable and robust, particularly the powertrain. a few friends have g35s and 350z's and one has a 350z with 250+ km on it, decently maintained but regularly pushed and has never seen any serious failure. i was actually really impressed with the dohc head on these vq35 engines. at 250k km theres very little valve noise, almost abnormally smooth for the mileage

    theres guys out there asking for 10-12g for decently clean ones, so u should be able to bargain one down a grand or two depending on the scenario(work that needs to be done on body/mechanical, worn tires, brake job etc., accident record).

    they also make good tuner cars
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Appreciate it. I have definitely considered a G35, it would have to be in white or that same blue as the one you posted, 962. My concern with it is the trunk space, looks pretty shallow in the pictures. That and I wonder how much more of a premium it costs over say a 350Z, given that it's an Infiniti. But I bet I could get most of the parts from a Nissan dealer anyways for cheaper. I definitely want to test drive one. Oh and if I did, I'm sure I'd spend alot of time simplifying the car. Hello cloth 350Z non power seats, goodbye nasty steering wheel with buttons, etc etc.

    I just was informed via email that my art proposal for a project in Edmonton has been accepted and I'm gonna get 5 grand out of it! Well, I still have to make some final designs and stuff and pay others to do it, so I don't know how much I'll really have in the end but even if it's like 2 grand in the end, that's an extra 2 grand towards a car and brings things like the G35 within my grasp.

    The scion tc is actually pretty rare in Canada, dunno what my chances of finding those are, but I can't say I've looked. And as much as I love both the 300ZX, and the 3000gt/stealth, I fear maintenance costs on those, and I'd feel guilty rusting the Z up considering their age. The R32 however, I had completely forgotten about. Super rare in Canada, as far as I know. Not a fan of that older generation of GTI, but I do like those newer ones but they are typically out of my price range. I am gonna see if I can find any R32s, thanks

    edit: ha! Yep, 20g.

    edit 2: maybe they only look bad in silver...
  9. lol where do we start
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    Hmmmm, double the price in Canadia:

    1) Buy car in US
    2) Pay import fees to Canada
    3) Sell car
    4) ?????
    5) Profit!
  11. ^ you could run a business on that model. bananatucker style
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    How about ya just go a bit newer then your current car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    I'll keep an eye out for some good deals in the Edmonton area and let you know if I find anything.

    EDIT: My new post didn't show so heres more I found in the first 10 pages of kijiji under: Manual, under $10,000 and Coupe, Convertible, Hatchback. There is probably still a bunch more left to look at.

    Some more options

    04 Mazda RX8 - 142000 - $9000

    2003 Acura RSX - 135000 - $6700

    2002 Acura RSX - 158000 - $8500

    2003 Hona SiR (ugh bodykit) - 132000 - $7900

    1987 M6 Coupe <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A> - who cares - $10,000

    1991 Honda CRX Si - 40,000kms B16a1 - $6200
  13. theres many problems with that business style. mostly that the cars you're looking at are too new.
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    Thanks man!

    I've been hounding kijiji lately too. Not 100% sure if my car will sell, or for how much, and I know I'll be sad to see it go but car shopping sure is fun. Glad you guys seem to enjoy it too, even if you're not the one buying haha.

    I'd love an S14, but I just feel like that would rust to pieces just like my S13 is starting to. The CRX looks like mega fun but it would rust out too I'm sure, and it also doesn't have rear seats. I was also looking at that second rsx you linked to, that could be a winner, minus those hideous tail lights. And that SiR is tempting in white... if I did, I would immediately change that shift knob and get rid of the 'carbon fiber' center console. Then destroy that bumper. The M6 would make a hilarious daily driver. And I considered RX8's too, I've always liked them, but there are too many iffy things for me: rotary, clean sweep deck required, giant bar going across the entire interior, AND no fold down rear seats.

    edit: and it's too bad no one seems to want to import from the Phillipines or Europe. There are lots of great cars coming now, but they're RHD.

    Celica GT4 ST205 - hatchback, awd, turbo, stick
    Lancer Evo IV - sedan, awd, turbo, stick

    edit: and I am now on page 45 of my kijiji searches <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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  16. God this forum is gimped
  17. Hello next page, dammit
  18. the forum works for me if you can figure out the code in the url. '120' means page 13. '130' would mean page 14.
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    My dad had a V6 manual which I got to drive a lot. It was pretty quick, the steering wasn't exactly that great, felt like a large sedan a bit looking back on it...but overall driving one as a 16 year old kid was pretty sweet.
  20. Definitely M6 I regret walking away from that 635CSI a few years ago.
  21. The original wheels DEFINITELY need putting back on that M6. modern wheels don't suit it at all.
  22. just placed an order for the rare radenergie motorsport dry carbon fiber engine cover.

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