The New rx-8 or this??

Discussion in '2001 Nissan Z Concept' started by Nj Import, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Would you rather have the rx-8 or this? Because id def want the rx-8 even with its low torque. Just the idea of chaging 30,000 dollars for this is a monstrosity.
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    "This" looks very good and will sell like bread.
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    I would rather have this. It's a beauty and will give a Boxter S a run for it's money. The RX-8 just doesn't look appealing to me, especially with those four doors. I also appreciate the Z's history, they have always been beautiful cars.
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    i'd prefer the new rx-8 even tho i love all Zs this isn't my favourite of the z cars tho and i really do liek the rx8, but this car will sell easily and it'll be awesome. because i love all Zs i'd end up buyin it even tho i prefer the rx8
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    id much rather have a z
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    I'd much rather have a Z than an RX-8. Nissan is the best of the Japanese car companies.
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    i'd rather take this just because the rx-8's torque is extremely low and very disappoiting, don't get me wrong i like the rx-7 but the z has more power is quicker and appeals to me more.
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    Hmm... I would take the RX-8 because of its rotary power and cool design. Not saying tha Z doesn't look good. I tried one today and I really liked it but the RX-8 wins by an inch.
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    Well, according to this month's Motor Trend, this car out performs the RX8. Yes the RX8 is Cheaper in price, but the 350Z just looks bad ass. I want one.
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    well the Z looks a lot better but the performance is good on both of them accept the RX8's torque is lower than low. I'd take a Z over an RX8 but I'd need a Greddy TD05H-18G twin turbo kit on it then the choice would be obvious.
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    deffently this !!
  12. Hmmm... RX-8.
  13. Hmmm... RX-8.

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