the new Tool cd

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Silveradoman, May 1, 2006.

  1. is really pretty lame. It sounds like they tried to rip themselves off or something. i mean i could see how the most of the tools fans would just eat it right up but its definatly lacking something. ├ćnima was definatly their best album, lateralus was decent, though it all started to sound the same. their new one sounds like they put no real effort into it, and i cant believe it took them this long to come up with something this generic sounding.
  2. i thought that some of the songs were really decent i have to admit.. but some of the songs are a bit stupid
  3. there are a few parts in a few songs that are alright, but even they sound like good rip offs of themselves. its obvious they arent trying to push boundries with their style, maybe they just forgot what made them good?
  4. yeah true

    laturalus was a masterpiece
  5. i still think ├ćnima was by far their best cd.
  6. I heard the new single, and thought it was an old tool song.
  7. The album sounds a lot like Lateralus
  8. it sounds like they took lateralus, and tried to make it sound like oldschool tool.

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