The New World Superbike Champion, Ben Spies

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    Spies clinches WSB title after epic rookie season

    Six rounds into the 2009 World Superbike Championship and Ben Spies' title ambitions looked to have been dashed before they had barely started – eight rounds later and the American is celebrating becoming world champion in his first year.

    It's testament to Spies' superior end to the 2009 season that he was able to break down a lead that was as much as 88 points following Kyalami, to come back and snatch the title from Noriyuki Haga at the very final round.

    The statistics speak for themselves, Spies winning 14 races and 11 pole positions, a tally that already puts him equal 12th on the all-time list after just a single season with a handful of records firmly in his pocket.

    While Spies' success in Portugal, which saw him take a win and a fifth place finish, was certainly aided by Noriyuki Haga's dramatic exit from race one, he still did it having been on the back foot heading to Portimao.

    His triumph comes as he prepares to bid farewell to World Superbikes almost as quickly as he arrived, Spies embarking on a graduation to MotoGP with the Tech 3 Yamaha team.

    On the day that the manufacturer also sealed the MotoGP and World Supersport crowns, Spies paid tribute to Yamaha for giving him a title-winning package from the off.

    "First I've got to thank Yamaha for giving me everything I needed to win,” he said. β€œIt was really good, we did what we had to do and it was difficult to do that because the pace was quite fast and I saw that there were a couple of people behind me.

    β€œI knew that if Nori won I had to be sixth, so I tried to stay out of trouble. It was spectacular; I can't thank Yamaha enough and everyone who's been behind me for my first year here. It'll sink in over the next couple of days!"

    Spies will make his debut with the Tech 3 team at the Valencia season finale, joining fellow American Colin Edwards full-time for 2010. James Toseland and Cal Crutchlow will make up Yamaha WSB's line-up next season.

    MotoGP title Next.
    USA mother#$%#in #1
  2. Haga will never win the title I don't think.

    Well done to Spies, the guy is a real talent, but he's gonna get buried in MotoGP unfortunately.
  3. Very talented rider but MotoGP title next? There's a dude called Rossi he has to beat

    Italy mother#$%#in#1
  4. I like spies..but not being on a factory ride will hurt him in moto gp tremendously. But, he has the talent..and im sure in a year or 2 he will be fighting for the crown in Moto GP. and i feel Stoner is the man to watch. Rossi is great, but stoner missed quite a few races and was sick through some of them..and still wasnt that far behind..he was won the title before..and he will do it again...several more times. When he is one is close to one
  5. And Stoner and Lorenzo and Pedrosa, it will be interesting to see where he fits in though.
  6. SBK >>> MotoGP
  9. He would fit right in if he has the right ride, he's that talented actually.
  10. Therein lies the problem, Tech 3 is not the right ride.

    He'll have a good rookie season, but apart from probably Laguna Seca I don't see him getting near Rossi, Stoner and Lorenzo, and I doubt he'll get a chance for a works seat after that.
  11. I really don't think the bikes are the reason the Tech 3 riders aren't at the top. In fact Colin Edwards is usually the "best of the rest" anyway.
  12. EDIT: Oh, and thanks for putting that Ben won the championship in the title. I've been on vacation for the last week, with the races sitting on my computer just waiting for me to get home and watch them... then I see this... ruined the whole season really. Ban please.
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  14. On a 2009 bikes while the top 3 were on 2010 factory machines.
  15. Spies isnt expecting to be in the title chase in MotoGP. He said it himself that "I think all the stars would have to align, and we would need a very special weekend to even see the podium."

    But I think he'll see the podium more often then he thinks. He did amazing in the race last Sunday. I was honesly impressed, but went into the race not expecing m much for Spies...

    Now considering a poster of Spies to put up in my bedroom... wonder what my wife will think...
  16. So? 2010 bikes have virtually no development. Tell me when he does this exact same thing in 4-5 months.

  17. Can't wait <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  18. well..if you compare the times that he the times that the top ran on the 09 bikes...after having a FULL SEASON to perfect them, while he had like 3hours tops on the bike prior to(and track for that sake). I would say he is VERY FAST.

    and to say the 2010 bikes have no development is incorrect. The next season bikes are just an evolution of the current, so its not like they hopped into something completely it was for spies
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    I actually believe he's a top rider. I'm just having fun with Ron Trollings
  20. nigger

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