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  1. What is this homosexual code for?
  2. hahahahha
  3. My car gets more ass than I do. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  4. Looks good. What type of engine are in those? How does it move with the tires?
  5. These trucks came with the 2.8L Inline 4, and 3.5L Inline 5 (which got larger and relabeled 3.7L for 07+). 2009 and up also came with the 5.3L V8 slightly detuned to 300HP.

    Mine is a 06, so 3.5L Inline 5. I have the 3.73 rear end though with the G80.

    It moves pretty good with these tires. I was worried it would turn into a slug but it still handles highway speeds great and can pass other vehicles. Tad slower from a stop but that's to be expected, and I have a 5 speed manual, so it helps a ton. Overall quite happy with this lift. This will be so much nicer come summer time when I take it on the trails. Goodbye most of my clearance issues.
  6. holes in brakes are for street cars, why? to help cool during stop and go traffic. It completely depends on what the car is used for. Porsche uses drilled brakes on the CGT being its a street car, but if you notice all of the GT racing classes they don't because they are often wide open circuits that realize that brakes are used only for a couple seconds, then let off for a while.

    I thought we went through this already.
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    This is my setup currently; Alpine CDE-133BT head unit, set to bluetooth mode, with audio coming from an ipad.

    Basically I dont have to touch the head unit, as the ipad takes care of all my audio needs anyway.

    I wouldnt mind creating an actual integrated ipad mount into the dash, but I'll do some sketches or photoshops to see what works.

    But so far, this is perfect.
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    I'd be so worried about theft!
  9. It's all about making it look stock-ish.

    IMHO, an iPad (Especially an iPad 2) is so obvious in a dash that it's bound to get stolen and traded for a bucket of KFC.

    My Nexus 7 goes into my car when I get back from New Hampshire in a few weeks.
  10. I never park that car anywhere beside my garage. And the iPad will certainly never be left in the car in the garage.
  11. lol
  12. looks good
    minus the badge

    cool that you actually have the kind of terrain/weather to need that kinda truck

    in before amg
  13. I originally bought a 1912 style gmc emblem for the grille but it ended up being smaller then expected. So mounting it on the back instead.
  14. Ready for summer tire to be put back on ugh.
  15. Remove the mudflaps.
  16. I always am so happy when summer rims are back on. I kind of regret selling mine, I just hope I sell the car on the oem rims/winters before winter is up.
  17. His is the black one
  18. He installed mudflaps after the av photo. He was inspired by the white car. It still bothers me.
  19. So he did, that motherfUcker
  20. Why????
  21. I hate you
  22. What will replace it?
  23. i hope the new owner replaces it with stock wheels.
  24. because automatic

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