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Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Big Rob, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Awesome, I'll try that when the weather warms up thanks a bunch!

    I managed to get the license plate bolts out today, using a dremel and more drilling. A good hour at least, broke a part of my bumper off in the process. Pictured are the nasty clips that have seized up in Canadian climate, and my ghetto zip tie fix it job. At this point, I don't even care.
  2. LOL Had the same thing happen to my coupe. I fixed it though. Zip ties are for drifter wannabe kids.
  3. With working cars right.
  4. How did you fix it? Melted it back together?
  5. jb weld the peice back in.
  6. Not a mod but went cruising through some mountains up around Asheville, NC after doing the 60k service, snapped some pics of the car.
  7. Looking good. I have yet to reset my windows, but now I'm wondering about my sunroof as well. It reclines back just fine, but to get it to return I have to 'inch' it up. If I hold the button it goes but it gets stuck and bounces back, similar to the driver window. If I go tap tap tap it goes past the choking point and then the rest of the way is smooth sailing. Is this also due to a battery failure and in need of reset? or does it just need lubrication?
  8. I've never had that issue. Sounds like a hardware problem to me, but I could be wrong...
  9. Hmm looks like I have some minor work to do then when it warms up here. Thanks again for your help.

    Have any of you used wheel locks before? I want to get some for the oem rims, so it can't be one of those conical/tuner style ones. I've been looking at McGuard, but I have seen a few issues of the keys warping and breaking the lock nuts. Is this an extreme case? I've also heard of Gorilla locks having some rusting issues, which is definitely an issue where I live.

    Also, any opinions on the best locks for aftermarket wheels? I really like the Ray's ones but since there are so many knock off's out there, they keys for them would be easy to obtain...
  10. Bought some Ballistic Jesters today.
  11. they will fit well on that GMC, post pics
  13. Found this 'option comfort shifting' package in my trunk, thought I'd give it a try. It removes the bulky extra wide (and surprisingly heavy) arm rest, and leaves the cargo space exposed. They give you some nice finishing pieces to complete the look. As of right now it doesn't make much difference but I'm sure it will when I get my Nismo shift knob in. The current knob is nasty and you kind of have to grab it from the top, giving you extra clearance over the arm rest. The Nismo knob is more of a 'side grabber' so I'm sure I'll appreciate the additional elbow room.

    edit: please ignore what appears in the picture to be a fungal growth on that cup holder. I was too lazy to wipe it off (spill of some kind from the previous owner).
  14. Sti gets rally armor flaps and 8000k HID. I really like how they poke out just a bit.

    G35 also gets 8000k HID. Had to take the fender liner out to get to the bulbs.
  15. Mounted the rims and some new rubber.
  16. awesome.
  17. duratracs again!
  18. That goes without saying for almost any 90's F car, especially pre 360's.
  19. Panzer's truck looks like so much fun.
  20. can you properly fit a truck a la v-dub
  21. including 360's. not so much the piston rings though. thats strictly a 355 problem
  22. Installed Hawk HP Plus pads all four corners and high temp brake fluid. Can't really tell a difference running around town in the rain with snow tires.

    This weekend the summer wheels are being put on.

    Next on the list is a RSB which will be it for this season.
  23. I like the flaps. I have the same kind/color. The side skirts will thank you. Is that yours?
  24. black plastidip that badge
  25. my brothers

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