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  1. No. Those look terrible. Aftermarket light assemblies look terrible
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    I agree. Some of you will hate me but I run HID without projectors. My choices were the following.


    non projector:

    The choice was simple. All the aftermarket projector units for my car looked like those weird 3D tail lights...or those people that can bulge their eyes out...or some weird robot...
  3. Those are not aftermarket assemblies. Those are factory assemblies with aftermarket projectors.

    While I do agree a terrible choice in shrouds.
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    Or this choice:

    Check and see if RSX-CT still posts on ClubRSX, retrofits are his specialty.
  5. I was refering to the red truck. Those are not factory. And the turn signal housing is ridiculously hideous.
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    That's actually quite nice, I still prefer the normal headlight but that does look quite oem. I'd check ClubRSX, but I think I might sell the car soon. Today is bright and dry outside, and it was a lot of fun ripping it around at 8000rpm, but this cars driving characteristics just don't work in cold weather, which is half the year here. It was nice enoguh today though to take a crappy cellphone video. If the car had all the power it did at 6000rpm at 3000rpm I would like it so much more, but I do enjoy the kick in sound of the vtec. Go to 45 seconds to get to the good part.

    Anyway speaking of lighting, I just pulled the day time running light fuse. Much better now. I never liked the look of those.
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  8. I figure one of you guys would know. Anyone used VHT nightshades before? Does that come in any other colors, other than black and red? I don't plan on using it on my car, but on a acrylic project instead (I want it for it's transparency).

    Any other brands out there that make similar, translucent spray paints?
  9. I think you can use plastidip for that and peel it off if it looks like poo.
  10. Really considering either a 15% or 17% pulley. The extra power would be sweet but I'm not sure I want the added stress on the engine considering I'm planning on keeping the car for a long time.
  11. Just black and red unless something changed recently.

    Plastidip sells a 'smoke' color, it's like Plastidip's version of Niteshades. Translucent grey that gradually gets darker with each coat.

    I like Plastidip for this better due to it's ease of removal, chemical-free.
  12. weird I thought plastidip only made opaque products.
  13. Buy plastidip clear and do a coat on whatever you want to nightshade. Then spray the nightshade over so you can rip it off if you don't like it.
  14. I bought an NSX-R wing just before Christmas.

    And since I got some gift cards for Xmas I put them towards some camera gear. A new tri pod, battery grip, batteries, and a Hoya 77mm cir PL filter for the 24-105L I already had on the 40D.

  15. turned it into a time machine
  16. turned it into a time machine
  17. Looks good. What tire size is that on the back?
  18. hahaha that's great.
  19. The rear is 275/35/19 Kumho KU36s / Ecsta XS.
  20. My wife drives an EP1 Civic Si, its headlights are pretty dim, I don't care about going HID or whatever but what I can do to make the headlights brighter/light the road better? Some decent bulbs or something?
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    Should be a 9003 bulb, Sylvania Silverstar ZXE bulbs are available. Has the highest lumen count of any stock wattage bulb out there. Stark white output, no blue hue. Available at most any parts store.

    If that is not enough, Nokya Cosmic White Stage 2 bulbs:

    That is 90W low beam, 100W high beam. Original is 55W low beam, 60W high beam. So make sure you upgrade the connector to high temperature ones.
  22. Installed the lift shackles in the back, which was a pain with seized bolts. Had to take off the box to fit in a homemade press at one point. Either way, got the suckers in.
  23. I know hardly anything about truck stuff, I guess. What's a lift shackle?
  24. A shackle basically connects the leaf springs to the truck frame. I just had one fabricated 4" longer then stock. So it will give me a 2" lift in the rear by extended downward the leaf springs. Some people just buy AAL's (add a leaf) to get the same results and keep the leafs higher for better clearance. However leafs sag over time, but shackles stay the same pretty much.

    My leafs springs are kinda W shaped now (sagged a bit due to age), so eventually I am going to take them to a suspension shop and get them re-arched and add an extra leaf for another 1" extension.

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