The next "Ferrari Killer"

Discussion in '2008 BMW M1 Homage' started by Automotive Passion, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I doubt this will become the next Ferrari killer. BMW lacks the supercar engineering techniques. Sure, thier engine is what powers the McLaren F1, but BMW never designed it. McLaren did. But that's besides the point. If BMW want to step into Ferrari territory, they should start making heavy modifications to either the new M3 or M6
  2. I don't know... First of all, what ferrari are you trying to defeat... If you plan to kick the ass of a ferrari FXX with a 6.3L V-12 generating 800 hp andhas very outstanding engineering... You'll need a hell of a powerful engine and a great design... In its shape, I think the engine that will be fitted is rather small. "You'll have better luck penetrating through reinforced concrete walls using your head" than "beating a ferrari using this BMW."

    Though this BMW may not be as strong as you or I would hope... I still like the design in it though...
  3. They`re probably going to put a 5L or 6L engine.
  4. This is by a LONG WAY one of the sickest cars ever made!

    If they put a 6 litre Flat 12 in it with maybe twin turbos then this could be the Ferarri killer.

    But even if it does go faster than a decent Ferarri I bet you it will not be as fun.
  5. Ferrari is not just another supercar, it's a FERRARI! I'm not a Ferrari fan, but I got respect for their history. Anyway, 1.0 seconds? We'll see when it comes out...
  6. Nothing has ever killed a Ferrari, Ferrari simply almost doesn't kill some things.

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