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  1. This car has managed to get quite a following which is an achievment itself wether you like the car or not you have to admit that. So it's a high possibility that Hennessey will do another 800TT any Ideas what it might look like or how it could improve on this one.
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    Here's a photoshop of a 02 GTS-R I did.
    I used the wing off a Ferrari 550 GT race car.
    I removed the central bar on the front intake.
    I enlarged the intake on the bonnet.
    I created a side intake to cool the rear brakes down.
    I also changed the colour to blue, the original was red and I wanted it to be as much my design as possible so I changed the colour to blue as well.
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    nice but what's with the whole roof scoop i've never got that, it looks cool but does it have actual purpose...
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    The roof scoop cools the interior of the car, most race cars have them including WRC, cos it can get quite hot inside. I hav'nt changed that though, it's the same as the original pic.
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    my cars a #$%# heater in Summer...
    u could cook an egg in it!
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    I know how you feel. My car does'nt even have a sunroof. Mid you I only get a few weeks of summer where I live so the rest of the year I'm complaining that I'm freezing my balls off.
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    down 'ere...
    December & January are the hottest months with max temps of 40-45deg...
    June & July are the coldest months with min temps of 5deg...
    the rest of year is about 20-30deg...

    Summer is a real ***** down 'ere!
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    where im from it hits about 40 in the summer and about -45 to -50 in the winter. insanity...
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    yall went from cars to weather patterns. thats pretty funny. but i might as well fill everybody in on what ive got. it has a heater but when i look under the hood, the only thing i see is a freakin bad motor. im not sure i even have a heater. the motor alone keeps me warm at night. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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  12. It will be shit, american cars can't handle at all

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