The Next Schumi

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    Mattias Ekström

    24 years old and about to become DTM champion, him being the only Audi driver able to compete at the top of the championship.

    This guy even wins international rallies.

    The way he's been dominating DTM this year is amazing and if I were F1 team manager he'd be top of my list to test my car.
  2. Yes. He's very impressive.

    Albers and Paffet are already at a very good level.
  3. BTW he's 26 not 24.

    Anyway he won again today at Zandvoort and is almost sure of the title.
  4. He have never driven a formula car and claims that he isn't interrested in F1.
  5. at 26 and having no experiance with open wheeled cars, his future in F1 is not looking very bright, he might land a spot with Jag or the like.
  6. Once you win DTM at 26 then what are you gonna do. Become the schumi of DTM? or try the next level which is F1.
  7. Schumi had 2 F1 titles by age 26 didn't he?
  8. the next level is V8 Supercars <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. hahahaah, nah Skaife in F1!!!!!! theres something for you to cheer about.
  10. Skaife wouldn't do any good in F1. I don't think any of the V8Supercars drivers would... Maybe Ambrose, but unfortunately, I doubt it.
  11. Ambrose?? why not skafie,he dominated V8 in the past and hes got the speed. what does Marcos have that mark dosent.
  12. More Skill.
  13. better experience in open wheelers

    with that in mind, possibly also lowndes.
  14. I don't think Schumi's records will be touched or even broken for years to come, no matter what cocky driver comes down the pike.
  15. hmmmmm, lowndes too. he hs that experience to speak off, but hes not that fast these days in the ford. he was better in the commodore........either that or this new car he got (the cat racing one) is just sh*t.
  16. Or that HRT just had awesome cars at the time, and a monkey could have won races in them.
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  18. As things stand now, it would take at least 7 years for any driver to get close to his records, since he is the only world champion still in activity (although Villeneuve is trying hard to come back...)

    I dont think many of his records if any will be broken in my lifetime.
  19. you saying the cars now suck?? your probably right actually. HRT really needs to pick up its game!

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