The next SVT mustang. How much hp?

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  1. 10 years of SVT history is coming soon. Will the next SVT Stang have:
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    The new SVT Cobra engine is rated at 435HP detuned, and can supposedly be taken past 500 in tuned for NA
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    Prices'll go up.
    I think.
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    The only reason the Cobra beats the '03 SS is cuz its Supercharged. If you put a vortech supercharger on a SS it will smoke a Cobra.
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    It's pointless to argue this. So what, the ss could take the cobra if it had a vortech. I could do the same thing to the cobra plus minor other mods and have 600+ hp, In the yellow mustang registry someone did that. In turn I am sure you could do something else to the ss to make it better again. Just remeber the ss engine wasn't designed for forced induction, reliablity is going to suffer. Stock vs stock, the cobra is the better car. Not to mention the supercharger is a common aftermarket part that gets installed, the factory is doing mustang fans a favor by adding that with your warranty. This is just about as stupid as saying that it's cheating since it uses one. I would rather just have a bigger engine too, but guess what I can't afford a $50,000 car yet. Please next time you talk have something intelligent to say. Respect the cars, realize other car companies make great cars too.
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    The point I was trying to make was that the Ls1 all ready has a compression ratio of 10.1:1 where the cobra with the supercharger is 8:1. Adding the supercharger to the Ls1 might cause reliabilty problems down the road with the higher compression from the added supercharger. I am not sure about the internal, forged pistons, rods, etc. I am not arguing the responsive of the engine itself. You are right their aren't any good super or turbo chargers for them, it probably wouldn't be safe without some new engine parts. I have no proof just something I learned from someone who posted his car on the internet. He was running vortech with his 2001 ss and later added nitrous to it. And he said he was starting to have some engine failure before the nitrous. Isolated incident, I don't know. Some moron who created the site and when I emailed him to ask about it he just made up a bunch of lies, again I don't know. I have just read a few to many horror stories with this kind of stuff on stock engines. 50,000 miles from now a blown ss is way more likely to have a blown engine due to high compression ratios. Remember svt destroyed what something like 12 2001 supercharged cobra engines before they decided to redesign it and make it an iron block.
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    large amount
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    You must have been resurrected from the stone age, that debate has come and gone so many times that its as old as rust. Just accept the fact that the new cobra is an awesome machine, taking nothing away from the SS of course.
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    Can't really get a positive answer on the recalls. My guess is that it's something common to all mustangs, they are just trying to hide it to prevent massive recall on something that may not be a big deal. I know the hold up with mine being built is the fact that I wanted the chrome wheels, which they still do not have. Called the dealer yesterday trying to get my dad a mach1, said the wheels come in some time next month. On average it will take about two and a half months to get it past that and I don't know how many people are in front of me that get there's first. Mach1 are going to be pretty rare to see the, dealer that I'm getting my cobra from (they claim they are the largest ford dealer in the midwest) is only allowed to get 3 of them total. Even stranger is that they say they have 12 people in line for the gt40 already.
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    alright dude, as stated earlier, there is no 03 ss, and if you strapped a supercharger on top of the 5.7 litre ss engine it probably would win, because it has 1.1 litre of engine to work with. Ford produces the same amt of power with 80% of the engine, suck on that one.
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    No, not the same one. Probably not much chance that I'll get to see the gt40 driver around anyway. I live in a town of 10,000. For such a small town though a lot of people drive sports car in the summer. I see about as many vettes as I do mustangs here. Unless the local doctor gets one I'll never see it. He has a viper, lingenfelter vette, shelby cobra, lightning, and drives a mustang gt as his daily car.
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    Be careful when you say power. The 4.6 SVT motor DOES put out MORE hp than a stock LS-1. However. A 4.6 SVT motor without the supercharger, as seen in the 1999 and 01 models only put out 317 ft/lbs of torque. The 310 hp LS1 motor puts out 340 ft/lbs of torque. Torque is power.
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    You say if you slapped a vortech on a camaro it would beat an '03. Vortechs didnt come with those as an option from the dealer as i can remember. Unless your gonna buy one off ebay at a good price your spending more on your vortech and camaro than the cobra alone. Does chevy still warranty your camaro when you break it, or are you spending another day and a half taking it off so you can take it in? By the way my best friend has an '03. He shaved a little weight and and bought all the goodies you can buy for it(pulley, exhaust,airfilter,etc). Ran a best of 10.87 and can run consistant 10.90's. Can your camaro do that with a vortech without changing a single thing internally? Oh yeah, they are also developing a nitrous system for the '03's. Maybe you can get a z06 and dump some money into that.
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    this musatng rocks, no matter what camaro owners say itll kil lany camaro ever made. even a yenko. so bring it. if u cant handle this cobra, then come get a peice of my 73 mach 1, i'll show u what mustangs r all about
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    i would really appreciate it if we jsut dropped the mustang/camaro thing. theyre equals. they have always been equals, merely taking different methods to get there. Ford uses lower displacement engines, sometimes having to resort to forced induction, as seen in the 3 cobra, and chevy uses larger displacement, but in the end, doesnt the boost pressure from the sc add bit of displacement in a way? i dont have the formula, but if someone does, can you check waht theoretical displacement is? assume about 8 lbs of boost. anyways, though. these two are a legendary pair, and, with the loss of the camaro, i think that the gm fans should atleast support the mustang in its stand as the last true pony car...for now. i just hope that 1. the mustang becomes a muscle car again, aiming at the shark at the top of the hill, mebbe even the other snake...or 2. the mustang holds the fort and waits for its rival to return (06, i think ive heard)
    either way, the future holds some hope for the return of muscle(mebbe mopar can hit a pony back into the field with their new hemi...things could get interesting)

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